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La Bestia Nello Spazio

"Have you ever seen a mandrill's ass?". In this measure there is the essence of a truly bad movie, balding and alien to the rest just like the physical part mentioned above. Alfonso Brescia versatile and indefatigable Italian director (he worked often with Mario Merola), launch himself in the wake of "Star Wars" making in the year 1980, a product that catches here and there then not being able to put together anything decent. We have a little 'science fiction, as well as "Star Wars" also "2001 A Space Odyssey" and "Star Trek", a bit' of eros, "The Beast" from which it takes the female lead and a bit 'of Greek mythology. The rest is represented by very low lines, said sometimes even without actors move their mouths, the classic handcraft scenes and a very light script that when it can afford nothing else see seeks salvation in soft-core or porn  (depending on version you are watching).

Brescia tries to tell a story of colonialism and exploitation. Captain Madison is the hero of the day, military, Playboy and conceited man ensnare the blonde Sondra in a room and before to go to bed triggers a brawl with Juan Cardosa a merchant, Playboy and conceited man. From this confrontation, the military understand that Cardosa knows where to find the Antalium a precious metal useful for the construction of weapons.

The military board on a spaceship Madison and other members including, a surprise,  also Sondra and sent they to the planet Lorigon. The place is nothing more that the materialisation of a recurring nightmare by Sondra who dreams of having sex in a forest with a kind of satyr.

And so it is. The Satyr is Onaph governor of the planet that takes orders from a mad computer Zocor that eagerly tries to keep all Antalium for himself by killing the invaders. Even Madison and thw crew becoming a target of the two who distracted the group with a bacchanal, but Madison with Cardosa able to straighten the situation and bring the poor Sondra upright after she spend  three quarters of the film lying with someone above.

The turn in soft-core comes naturally when the shipment sets foot on the planet. Everything slows down and dwells too much. Here we have also the fight scenes against robot-like 60's toys and soldiers that are the dumb version of the "Starship Trouper" of Darth Vader.

This is a movie son of those times and son of the crazy ideas of 70's. Ugly is ugly, but after all, at the end transmit sympathy.

Serpa Lane is the blonde Sondra. Finnish actress famous for a series of films eros aimed  as "La Bestia" by Borowczyc  or the nazisplotation "La Svastica Nel Ventre", she was beautiful and exuberant but she had a short career and a sad life  end to AIDS in 1999.

The cast also host Vassilli Karis greek actor, often present in spaghetti westerns and later in a thousand other movies. Lucio Rosato was between the actors of "Francesco" of Cavani and finally we find Marina Lothar who reinterpreted the scenes in the hard version.