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The Erotic misadventures Of The Invisible Man

Very good topic for a thousand different ideas. More or less all we've thought once in a lifetime, ranging from normal to more hot fantasies. Obvious that different directors and writers have wanted to exploit the issue.

Among the many there is also the "underground" director Rolfe Kanefsky famous for horror films, splatter and for the first episode of"SexFiles Alien Erotica"Far from his  genres and from aliens into heat we find him in this soft-core comedy that sometimes very funny and at sometimes it drags too much. Not transcendental, it is clear, but not bad.

Discounted to say that aesthetics is the main aspect and emphasize the more obvious beauty of the performers. More surprising however for a B movie soft-core is that the actors provide a highly decent animating many scenes, mimed, with the invisible man.

Things that would also like to Marcel Marceu. No doubt. Also because the vast majority of these actions are mimed soft-core and / or sexy. Apart from sex are also a series of demented gag, not compelling, but not too trashy.

Hero, envy, this story is Norman loser but also be smart that with the classic accident ends in contact with a substance that makes invisible . At the same time he meets the attractive Kelli, a young aspiring and silicon  actress with which joins Norman and shares her desire to become a star. Besides the usual revenge against various enemies and some comical incident, Norman is not ashamed to use his invisibility with Kelly but also a with a medium and with an porn-actress poor inspired  just met on a set.

The likelihood of a stagnant plot there it’s save thanks to the existence of an antagonist, also invisible. There are also a series of dips in the history present here and there.
Filmed in "digital" with a very linear direction, this film is a nice "B Movie" demented and trash in the right place.
The female lead is Gabriella Hall, actress who posed for Playboy and starred in several television shows and in as many sexy soft-core films. In 2005 he played "Jacquiline Hyde”, always with the same director.