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Black Samurai

The acute madness that pervades this film is something very far from even the most vivid imagination. Objectively in "Black Samurai" there isn’t something that makes sense, a logical development and a decent achievement.

And with this we can say that "Black Samurai" is an extraordinary film that touches all the right strings for a "B Movie", a trash gem that you can’t miss and with a seventies taste absolutely fascinating.

It must be said that we can bet that Al Adamson would not have missed any foray into blaxploitation,  putting in it passion and commitment.

With him we find the star Jim Kelly, to whom we talked for "Black Belt Jones" and also an almost fixed in the film by: Marilyn Joi (naughty stewardesses and Blazing Stewardessess).

The plot is very simple and goes up for action. A group of criminals kidnap the daughter of an important diplomat in Hong Kong, as ransom they want a powerful new weapon 'Freeze Bomb which doesn’t appear in the film. The Bad also deal drugs, they are in business with prostitution and made voodoo ceremonies, creating we can say, truly innovative company multitasking. Here comes our Jim Kelly. The agent, Robert Sand, beautiful and successful, is responsible for the organization which works to recover the DRAGON Janicot, in which, among other things he has had a love affair.

Sand leaves his house with tennis court and left for California where it crosses just bad. In karate, struggles "all against one" clever traps and secret weapons one of these very incredible in his pants (a wonderful little lighter becomes a flamethrower that can open doors ...) he saves the girll.

Before ' happy ending, however, does not lack the epic clash with the right arm of the boss. Five minutes of fighting  vaguely angry  with dialogues although obviously the two actors never open the mouths. Not to be outdone however, the other scenes. And it is wonderful to see Marilyn Joy not only her, struggling awkwardly waiting for the opponent's move. Stuff standing ovation. There are also excellent sampled sounds and glued on the film, classic mistakes, non-linear sequences and even a scene repeated. WOW!

It’s a movie very adequate to the seventies and with the Adamson manner. Kelly is fully exploited, thanks also to its fame, plays the winner and perfect that we have seen elsewhere. The actor who is truly a martial-arts expert was also the choreography of fight scenes in the movie. Marilyn Joy instead a bit part in a 'secondary tries to bring her sex appeal but little, among other strangely used. Excellent music, a funky-soul blend very well made and very attractive.

To add plenty of kitsch to the film thinks the main location, which arouses curiosity having regard to its quirks.

The headquarters of evil where Jaicot is imprisoned and where Robert makes the slaughter of men is a great area that mixes various architectures and has a threatening aspect of the U.S. architecture’s. It’s the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa "a big resorts in Riverside California. The construction of the complex began in 1876 at the hand of Christopher Miller. In 1902 his son Frank took over the leadership after the death of his father began a massive expansion of the complex using different styles of different eras. The list is long and includes Spanish Gothic, Colonial, Renaissance and Mediterranean, and more. Between narrow passages, medieval towers, minarets and so are works of art and artifacts from around the world bought by Frank Miller during his long journeys in the world. Past for a restoration in the eighties that caused the failure of the owner company, the Mission Inn has hosted many celebrities and U.S. presidents (Nixon, Reagan, Roosevelt, Hoover, etc..) And shows a high level. Cinema before Adamson come there with Clark Gable and Robert Redford. Now is a super luxury resorts, chaotic and strange just like the movie.