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The Immoral Mr. Teas

It comes the moment when the world saw the light. "The Immoral Mr.Teas" secondo film of Russ Meyer (but the first has been lost) had the honor of wiping out what was there before. The absurdity that permeates the entire film is the same as the historical paradox: innovation, a revolution by means of a worthless loser and character. The fact Mr.Teas of title. Here born the genre “nudies cuties” that takes the place of nudists movies put in films humor, naked bodies and a lot of amenities.

We are in 1959 and Meyer already shows the characteristics that develop in its prosperous career (I hope you liked the pun about prosperity). Said, we are already seeing a fast direction, cartoon comic situations, both color and tits. And above all, a character who manages to clear nudity and sex scenes, thanks to its complete lack of morbidity against women. He is attracted, it is true, by the female form and boobs, but there is a kind of reverence that makes it harmless, perhaps even a bit' scared. It is likely that our hero even if he could, even if he had the greatest opportunity to exploit the situation to have sex.

One side infantile voyeuristic that represents a model of character that we see often in movies or in films similar to Meyer. Features that often, as in this case, accompanied with a life eccentric to a job that makes it very strange as a comedian.

In our case, Mr. Teas delivery dentures in dental aboard his bicycle. The load increases with the comic narrator who presents the hero as one who could deliver "radioactive” isotopes. Instead it is precisely in the dentures and his work, as in his private life Teas does not lose an opportunity to throw his eyes on the necklines of secretaries, nurses and maids. But one day after injection of Novocaine at the dentist he begins to see naked women in a sort of dream / reality. Sick? And yes as the narrator says "some men are happy to be sick"

The structure is very simple and easy for a film short at the narrative consists of words, all spoken by the narrator. Filmed in Oakland with $ 27,000, "The Immoral Mr.Teas" was an extraordinary success at the box (odd for a film of real tits?) And how the story Mr.Teas, whose name was really Teas, had violent conflicts with Meyer . It seems that the protagonist was always drunk, and once the film got the success Teas demanded more money than him had.