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The beautiful Naples is unfortunately marred by a rather violent underworld. In a such context it would take the presence of a man as Commissioner Betti. He probably is not enough and his side would put a safe figure with great skill, a kind word, like Umberto Lenzi.

Dreams and the results (unfortunately only on film) made in this "Napoli Violenta",the second episode of Commissioner Betti trilogy with the usual impassive Maurizio Merli and gear behind the camera with Lenzi that takes the place of Marino Girolami. Umberto creates a great adventure certainly worthy and well structured. The pair Merli/Lenzi as we know gave birth to mani pearls lof "poliziottesco" and "Napoli Violenta" isn’t an absolute masterpiece, but it still remains a very successful event.

Apart from the fact that the Neapolitan accent there is very few times the film was is an "action movie" and finally  we see a different ending than the classic of genre.

Betti Certainly not find the typical Neapolitan sympathy to his arrival, but a shady figure "O'Generale" old and powerful Camorra General that apostrophizes our hero: "Welcome back, sir! But you must be cautious, you see ... Naples is a dangerous city, not to feel good".

Sure non a bad start, but Betti, as usual, is a commissioner of steel, strong and sure of himself and its methods of "zero tolerance" against crime.

Beetwen crimes, camorra and the shady dealings of "O'Generale" and a man called Casagrande, Betti is busy day and night, finding support from a small part of the population and in particular, for once, by the Commissioner.

In the classic “cop” story Lenzi insert sequence violent, as murder at the bowling alley and a vast range of pursuits, from a subjective, which are the apotheosis of the funicular in the legendary scene in which an innocent woman ends up splattered against the cable car that travels in the opposite direction.

Ok the characters and themes, are always identical, stereotyped, but the end  the result is not bad. Just as evil is not the character of Gennaro a baby son of an honest car mechanic who was killed for not paying protection money. Gennaro left disabled after a fire devastated the shop's father finds himself begging at traffic lights. But his eyes is enough to convince Betty to not abandon his "mission."

Huge commercial success, among the largest of Lenzi, who in just four days in Naples grossed nearly sixty million dollars. The cast is composed of more than Lenzi famous faces from the genre films and some stars Neapolitan. In additionthe inevitable John Saxon there is Barry Sullivan (O'Generale) American actor moved from stage to screen, she played parts in television series and films western and several cop. Elio Zamuto, known Italian actor, Maria Grazia Spina and Silvano Tranquilli interpret the remaining positions of greater prominence.Commissioner Betti close his trilogy in the same year with "Italia A Mano Armata”