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La Cameriera Nera

The enterprise is difficult. How can we make social commentary, political satire and a "sexy Italian comedy"? It 'hard to be sure, someone did it. It is not the case of the film in question. Good will, clear the context, but the execution seems a bit 'too crude closed in a plot fragile and prone to vulgar comic situations.

Mario Bianchi director to whom we have spoken to "Snow White & Co and then as we said he made porn movies, makes this comedy in 1978 building on the beauty of Femi Benussi and Carla Brait.Well ... also relies on a character named Galeazzo and above all the rhymes that come to mind with "Azzo"

The story takes place in the most classic of condominiums, in which lives a very bizarre set of characters. Major Galeazzo, convinced fascist, Enea, a crazy man Placido, the young Paolo and the Communist journalist convinced Antenore. But above all there is the maid Mariolina (Femi Benussi)covered by the explicit desire of the whole community that overshadows the wives of the owners. Among Mariolina ambushes, heavy beats and Monthly meetings, life goes on, but the arrival of Aminta (Carla Brait)beautiful black girlr, will change all the balances and above the wishes of the owners.

Vaguely racist sometimes, to hear grievances against Aminta, and very absurd sometimes, the movie goes by without interest and without affecting, up to the final  joie de vivre, a party on the roof of the house in which the two dance in topless without hesitation.

The cast, however, can boast several figures known mainly for its time. Apart from the "star" Femi Benussi,we see the natural beauty of Carla Brait also a meteor who played a few films ("Because those strange drops of blood on the body ofJennifer?"And"yuppie Du"among them) but in different genres ranging . Do not forget another sexy star of the seventies end of their careers here: Magda Konopka and the presence of Ria De Simone another familiar face of the time and the great Luciana Turina.

The male battery power (?) with Gianni Dei then great protagonist of"PatrickStill Lives" and Franco Latini as a voice actor best known for cartoons (Tom& Jerry " "Tweety" etc.etc.) And an voice actor is also Gino Pagnani who also starred in numerous films, some of which with Franco and Ciccio peaked with"Quel Gran Pezzo Dell’Ubalda "and especially with Dr. Socrates of"L’Allenatore Nel Pallone".Finally, Mauro Vestri and Eolo Capritti faces common in many films, some relief, "Amici miei", "Fantozzi" for the first "Paprika" and "Capriccio" for the second in addition to a wide range of sexy comedies. The only things worth noting in this bad italics movie.