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House Of The Dead

Made with the best intentions of this world and with the sponsorship of "Sega", "House Of The Dead" crashed after just eleven minutes of vision showing one of the worst adaptations of all time.

A young horror inspired racket precisely the note of the video game franchise "Sega",which seeks to inspire a bit 'in the Matrix and a bit' to the films of Romero, with large, of course, references to the game. Soon the audience is lost in his thoughts as the story flows boring between the "already seen" and nonsense.

The crux of the story is something we are used to. A group of guys rent a boat driven by a sordid captain, to reach an island where it is getting a Rave. Upon their arrival, however, and everyone seems to have disappeared and soon they'll find a bloody reality. The island is the place where it was confined and killed a Spaniard named Castillo monaco famous for his experiments on immortality. He helped by his army of zombie blood continues to try and find useful for immortality. A little 'tits, a buxom female lead and you're done. Minutes that pass between long struggle with zombies, cunning plans, and decimation of the innocent dead people.

There is little wonder, however, as behind the camera we find Uwe Boll the controversial German directorhas "inspired" an online petition to stop doing it successfully for film (but he stops, he says, only one million signatures) as well as challenged and beaten in the ring in boxing blows several of his detractors and critics, even though it knew a little 'staging.

Boll is a genius in "spoiling" the game and one of the worst directors in business .

This film, however, although put down by critics and audiences have been incredibly a sequel in 2006 with the total change of director, producer and performers. The critique considers the best of his predecessor, but still a bad movie. Game over?