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Il Paramedico

The 1982 is remembered for the victory of Italy in FIFA World Cup in Spain. A fact that has obscured another important event, although negative. In "Il Paramedico” Edwige Fenech does not show anything. Even a half tit or a sexy dress.

Now encyclopedias at hand should determine whether this "negative event" happened other times before the fateful 1982. So at a guess we could say no, with some doubts about films that we have not yet found around. But quietly, here there is a naked woman and is Daniela Poggi that at that age rivaled  with the best.

We should stop to be maniacs stop and focusing on the theme, we can say that the idea behind the films of Sergio Nasca, written by Enrico Montesano, is not bad. The problem is that he could do much more. This movie could bite with more enthusiasm with its critique of society, in all its aspects.  Sometimes we have amusing results and sometimes a bit 'trivial, and especially made ad hoc for new events to happen.

Enrico Montesano is Mario Miglio, a roman paramedic married to Nina (our Edwige) woman only interested in television and soap opera.
The live of Mario is mediocre until a winning to the lottery. First prize an elegant Fiat Regata. Mario is a little 'undecided whether to take the car or the money, at the end he decides to take the car and above all hidden the fact to his wife.
From there, his life changes and allows him to go into the laps that count and especially in the bedroom of Daniela Poggi a young wife of well-known banker.
The whole row, the wife knows nothing but a day listening to the police from his car stereo channels Mario puts his nose in a robbery \ aggression and a crime scene is mistaken for an accomplice.
To get out and get all free the rights of our repentance begins to invent stories about people he met in his second life. Stories that paradoxically are true.

A good cast of characters on which stands Montesano, in very roman versione more than ever, not always able to bear it all alone sometimes slips and sometimes bored with his character rather than stereotyped. Among others we find Enzo Cannavale unlikely defense attorney looking for some good excuses (and money), Leo Gullotta court ready to give every gift  to the first confession and Marco Messeri. Edwige Fenech we talked about often and Daniela Poggi and its use free of charge as well.