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Milano Trema: La Polizia Vuole Giustizia

"There is only one way to combat violence, be more violent."Carved into the DNA of this film this sentences never leaves the audience. Violence and speed chases and dead from the start: a classic  criminals jailbreak with murder of innocents: a girl and a pregnant woman.

Sergio Martino here is in full speed and full force in this work, creating a good poliziottesco that criticize at 360 ° everything and everyone. Ok there's the usual justicialism, but there is also criticism of the authorities and the police.

In addition to blood and engines, among other things, all well done, there is also another fact worth noting: the debut in poliziottesco of Luc Merenda. The French actor, with Martino in the same year also achieved with the thriller "I Corpi presentano segni di violenza carnale"

Here we find Merenda thats holds quite well the role of the Commissioner in one piece, Giorgio Canepari, although sometimes sliding on a humor involuntary expressions created by Lombard expressions. Less ironic that in other situations such as in “La Polizia Accusa...” ,good as always Luc uses his charm with a memorable, as usual, Richard Conte who saves everything and everyone in the aforementioned skid.

Giorgio Canepari and the policeman on duty, all of a piece whose firmness has caused him considerable trouble. Following the death of Commissioner Del Buono, his friend and critic, Caneparo decides to investigate thoroughly infiltrating the underworld. He log in touch with a gang led by the mysterious Padulo (RichardConte),authors of brutal and bloody robbery. But there is something in the way of the band that does not convince Caneparo, who sniffs out a plan far bigger and more disruptive to civil order.

The sentence "Only from disorder we can create a new orde," is another pivotal film speaks bout the collusion of politics and crime. It's up to Caneparo try to stop this terrible machine. A good movie always very tight and exciting. Not to be missed.