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Eve And The Handyman

The work debilitates men. And especially it stoned them. Is that's what you learn watching "Eve And The Handyman."

A movie that could pass as a "study" about the dangers of "workaholic". The main character is sick, suffering from a strange disease that makes him prefer his work from all-rounder rather than the exuberant beauty that he find everywhere in front with the explicit attempt to seduce him.

From the secretary, the waitress, a girl in the laundry, a washerwoman, finishing with hitchhiker, all handled by a detective (Eve Meyer) and all who fail in their attempt.

Difficult to think that Meyer has created this film with the purpose of sociological study, we are kidding of course, easier and more real to think that as usual the crazy American director thought of a healthy and demented / sexy fun.

"Eve And The Handyman" is a sexy film, where the raging necklines with a wink and where nudity Meyer almost always hiding. In any case it is always a turning fast and compelling, with the classic eye to Meyer and features comedies, very close to the clown and cartoon. A film that unfolds in a series of gags linked by the theme of seduction. Our all-rounder did not really want to know and stoically resist rejecting the provocation with an air of almost bigot. Divest himself still attracted to the trap of working tools.

No comment on waste, but extensive comments on the structure that sees Eve Meyer, beautiful wife from the time of its producer Russ and then later died tragically, as a sort of narrator and puppeteer of the whole affair. The film has no dialogue, but only his remarks and large parts of music that match their bright colors and absurd situations. In addition to Eve Meyer are in the cast another important figure in the artistic life of Russ Meyer, the protagonist Anthony James Ryan. Russ fellow soldier during World War II, Ryan was also a producer of several films by director and actors, and finally also the curator of the business when Meyer was no longer able.