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Scream Blacula Scream

lacula is back! Mamuwalde the black prince of darkness back between us a year after rising, for the only sequel to the legendary "Blacula."

In our personal taste Blacula here seems a little 'ticked with less sharp canines. Slower and more dull in the account in the development "Scream Blacula Scream" also takes away the atmosphere pop, funky soul and those sounds that made us mad in "Blacula."

Is not all to thrown away anyway, even we can admire some pearl, from the interpretation of the two actors: Pam Grier and William H.Marshall.

Pam the icon of the blaxploitation convincing and exalt while William great actor "orthodox" repeat the strong performance in the role of vampire black.

And thanks to their "Scream Blacula Scream" despite being lower than the previous not derailed. The basic idea, just crazy, it's pretty original. It Mixes voodoo and vampirism, magic and the esoteric. With a bizarre opening in which the local voodoo queen Mama Loa decide on his deathbed that his magical and spiritual heritage must go to Lisa Fortier (our Pam!). But it does not go well at all at Willis who wants revenge and buys the bones of Blacula by a holy man and unwittingly gives new life to the vampire unleashing his thirst.

So Blacula / Mamuwalde wanders around the city with great class and style, making victims out to victims, creating an army of vampires, but also being appreciated by the boyfriend of Lisa, Justin, an expert on African artifacts. The road of the two, however, came across also thanks by the fact that it is Justin that investigate about  "mysterious killings" and since Mamuwalde is attracted by the strong magical powers of Lisa.

Scene delicious, wonderful, "the army" gathered at home, struggles a bit 'comic complete another incursion of the "blaxploitation" in the great classics of literature.

The director is Bob Kellijan who replacing William Crain,Kellijan continue has a career as a director dealing with TV, like "Wonder Woman", "Charlie's Angels," "Fame" and even "Nero Wolfe". The cast listed above are in addition to the two superstars Richard Lawson here on the second film (the first title) and still far from a major career in television films and series that have led to a number of important awards.