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Sister Emmanuelle is having sex in front of the pupil stripped and bound Monica who begs mercy and respect, also because Emanuelle is having sex with her companion. This is the most famous scene, which has dabbled in for years in hot broadcast footage on regional channels,of "Suor Emanuelle" 1977’s spin-off  of the series "Emanuelle Nera" directed by Joseph Warren pseudonym of Giuseppe Vari.

Basically a nunsploitation, almost an erotic film about sex that drives from beginning to end. How obvious there is an  hard artificial version.

Everything runs on the proven track sex-Appel, Laura Gemser on eros and "naive" by Monica Zanchi. Well just so happens, meaning as a story, and what happens is hidden trivial scenes glued to the story that reached its peak with the inclusion of a thug named Rene, a clear reference to Vallanzasca.

Everything runs off a very low level. Monica Zanchi sleeping naked in train and when she is thirsty she go to the controller (you figure out how she ask to drink) or she seduce her roommate in thirty seconds. Laura Gemser wearing underwear not consonant with the ecclesiastical profession, and sacrifices himself to save the virtue of an alliance. The finish is a bit upset 'cards on the table and pulls up slightly (...) level.

Monica Cazzabriga (Monica Zanchi) is a young and uninhibited girl who has a history with herself young stepmother played by Dirce Funari,already seen in several films of Joe D'Amato.

The father of Monica sick of all send she in a boarding school run by nuns entrusts it in the hands of Sister Nana, a character who is the funny side of the film and Sister Emanuelle (Laura Gemser).The two Sisters accompanying the girl in college, immediately noticing the stunning exuberance of the girl. Arrived at school, Monica, seduces the roommate, falls in love with Sister Emanuelle and especially she hide a  criminal in the structure: Rene, carnal blackmailing the poor Emanuelle.

Revenge still comes and opens the eyes, in various ways, to our Emanuelle.

Gabriele Tinti Laura Gemser husband plays Rene. Monica Zanchi is Monica an actress who co-starred in several soft-core films of the period. We will not dwell on Laura Gemser we often find in our films, we talk about the director Giuseppe Vari.

He has a very long curriculum, and he has ranged far and wide among the various genres (mainly Spaghetti Western), using very often the pseudonym Joseph Warren. "Sister Emanuelle" is his penultimate film, and precedes of ten years his last work. S hort cameo instead for Rick Battaglia actor of a myriad of movie but especially main character of "La Donna Del Fiume" by Mario Soldati.