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Mondo Topless

Perhaps intrigued by the "Mondo Movie" or perhaps looking for something different or even something easy and quick to flush, Russ Meyer in 1966, provides her own particular vision of "Mondo".

But he remains partially outside from orthodoxy of the genre, no strong or rough images ,  but things he knows well: boobs.

"Mondo Topless" is a documentary about boobs. Oh no, the owners of them, busty girls (in which emerges a regular) who perform in local strip-tease, or who like the freedom of behavior. Meyer cut and paste scenes and situations from his other works as "Europe In The Raw" or "Lorna" from which it takes the sample and a scene with Lorna Maitland. The girls dance, outdoor spaces and are told as they display their natural qualities.

There is no plot, no story “as Meyer” but a long series that after a while 'ends of annoying. Bored? Yes, we said bore, all without too much of a narrative link distracting, although to be fair certain directorial choices are worth the risk of boredom.

Not a fundamental meyer’s movie, not great, but still his product. Well worth to see if you want to deepen his glorious career. Like so many other films by American director also "Mondo Topless" has inspired a rock band that bears the same name.