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If Enver Hoxha had been able to see this film in all likelihood would have ended in one of his bunker becoming walled in and denying the country of Albania.

The culprit of the overthrow of the Albanian government, wasn’t a charismatic leader but Kledi Kadiu, a dancer, star of this film full of sugar, love, sweat and commitment and success of rhetoric.

Items placed in context, if you think about it, are already funny. Starting from the fact that the story is set in Italy, where talent and success go in the opposite direction and where immigrants are often not welcomed with open arms. If you also consider that "Step Two" stands out as a film critic and accuser of television and a few vulgar content, the game is done, given the presence of Kledi, which was the standard bearer of "Amici" by Maria De Filippi Riccardo Rossi, who was often seen in "Forum","Quelli Che il Calcio ", "Non E’ La Rai" all tv shows very commercial and empty of messages.

In general the pair Costanzo / De Filippi strikes again at the heart of Italian cinema, but without reaching the apotheosis of  “Troppo Belli”".

In defense of the film, it must be said that the director Barzini did not point to an audience of intellectuals and even do satire, but a market of young and saucy that could be struck, as well as by the wrenching story, even from the beauty of the protagonists, Kledi precisely and Laura Chiatti.

Kledi interprets an albanian dancer named Beni. He arrived in Italy and he thinks thath he can break into show business, but as usual, bad company led him astray debasing his art between programs, low alloy and dingy rooms. But the love for dance and for  Francesca (Laura Chiatti), also a dancer, drive him on the right track of sweat and effort finally succeeded.

Worst of "Flash Dance" and the following clones. Said it all.