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Guinea Pig V: Android Of Notre Dame

After torture and gratuitous violence and after two interesting stories, what else will come from this series that comes in the fifth chapter? The answer is very simple: a sort of sum of everything seen before. That is an episode with torture, vivisection and blood like the first two, which is justified in a story. Without the demented of "He Never Dies" but with the feeling of love as in "Mermaid In A Manhole."

The concept is not wrong, but the formula is not exploited to the fullest. "Android Of Notre Dame",is nothing but a horror, certainly extreme, but trivial, let us the term, if put in comparison with the profound folly of the other episodes which is the proverbial weak link.

Lovers of blood will still have to eat, while those who appreciate, like us, the special effects of the series will be a bit 'disappointed nothing new or amazing about this episode. Now, do not want to overdo it, because this is not a flop, and it is certainly better than many others but from a horror series that sparked an international incident, we definitely expected more.

"Android Of Notre Dame" talk about the love of a brother towards his sister. He is a dwarf scientist and she was dying on a bed. He always looking for a way to save her, kills mice in guinea pigs. All in vain. The disease does not improve.

Then a stranger who has watched and observed for a long time the work of the scientist suggests a human guinea pig. And 'the chance of a lifetime, but the experiment fails. The revenge of the little scientist will be implacable against the unknown, as is the absolutely final surprise.

We find the director also wrote the script author Kazuhito Kuramoto