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It 's a decadent world. Shootings, crime, car chases. It’s a violent society. But it’s decadent too for two movie stars who find themselves on a set, in 1977, in a dark period of theri life.

They are both in a “poliziottesco” little pulp and a little noir by  Sergio Grieco. Helmut Berger "widower" of Luchino Visconti, slowed by a life of excess. Marisa Mell, a super sexy star of the sixties and early seventy in decline.

To be honest there would be another actor in a crisis, not as popular as the other two stars, but protagonist of many movies: the American Richard Harrison

"La Belva Col Mitra" goes down in history and earn fame, as well as meetings of "lifetimes" to a quote from Tarantino in "Jackie Brown" who pays homage to the film put indirectly a scene in it.

Considered among the most violent “poliziottesco” ever "La Belva Col Mitra" is for our away from the ultra-violence that many see. The story differs in part from the street classic "cop", giving each other a lot "on the road" and devoid of the classical social criticism.

The differences are rather minor in the characterization. Grieco here seems to want to play it safe by giving the role of Commissioner Harrison Santini that replicates the "ways of doing", his look and voice, same voice actor, good Merli, and then turn to Nero. Not a stretch, however, Harrison was seen in the running for the part of the legendary Leonardo Tanzi "Roma A Mano Armata" and that here can give vent to his ambition of tough cop and mustache.

Helmuth Berger instead in the dangerous criminal Nanni Vitali, that shoot around with the typical hysteria of Fools unscrupulous criminals who inflict the beautiful turn,in this case Marisa Mell severe penalty.

Some scene a bit 'absurd or glued to the story creates a film that is nothing but a duel between two clever men. Nanni Vitali and Mr Santini actors of an escalation of violence without end. The first escaped from prison in a daring, however, has as its sole objective is to take revenge on the man who has done jail. After abducted, beaten, raped his girlfriend and dissolved in the lime, Nanni again holding hostage the woman(Marisa Mell)and planning a robbery at the factory where her father works. Meanwhile, she forced to be the woman of Vitali, can cooperate with the police, putting on the trail of the criminal but also exaggerates the ineffable Santini Vitali seeking an even bigger and sadistic revenge against the commissioner.

From the escape from prison, undisturbed, through robbery and ending with the last moments of the film, not to mention the gratuitous violence of vitality that even when going to beat up like the gas station to fill up, or hole a checkpoint shooting and killing two policemen, without thinking much, there is not to be bored.

"La Belva Col Mitra" is not bad, but it's really too overvalue than other most successful films. Not a bad interpretation of Helmuth Berger credible and breathless, but subdued Richard Harrison too "copy." Marisa Mell, although obvious wilting does his duty.

The music of a young Umberto Smaila accompany the story with that eighties movie atmospheres poliziottesco be pulled.