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El Diabolico

The evil one, or one of his mates, do a ride in the Wild West, created with malice and wickedness a Western with several interesting aspects.
Satanism and bullets, black magic and horses in this work of Dutch filmmaker John Koorporaal transplanted to Mexico and more active in the "documentary" instead of this kind of movie.  Filmed partly in Viesca and partly in Durango in 1977, "El Diabolico" has a snappy start, brilliant and very interesting. Then, it goes slower losing its speed finishing to dwell a bit 'too much with situations quite unnecessary and away from the interesting core. The Evil indeed.
But before that waterlogging, we see with very interest the story of Dave Bolan and especially Oscar Peterson. The first a robbers with evil eyes and with a strange amulet around his neck robs the bank and kidnaps the daughter of the sheriff. He Rapes the girl and then is captured and sentenced to death. On the gallows and thaks to his amulet he is able to convince Oscar Peterson a servant of the Saloon, to help him to an escape. Peterson, when Bolan died strafed with bullets in flight, inherits the medallion and becomes himself a dangerous and elusive criminal wanted by all. Violence and vicious crimes, but also a strange love affair with an Indian girl.
Apart from the excesses of the story and too many asides, this is a "western" that deserves its own vision and also appreciation for the brilliant commingling of genres.
"El Diabolico" is interpreted by a long series of well-known actors in Mexico, which are present in several films and also "soap operas".