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La Poliziotta Della Squadra Del Buon Costume

Three years have passed from Gianna Amicucci cames in arming. And time seems to have changed anything. Her beauty, her good intentions and especially the trash of this saga . It could not be different, however, the sequel to "La Poliziotta Fa Carriera" by Michele Massimo Tarantini.
Indeed, we could say that this chapter further accentuate the sexy side of the saga, with long, sometimes forced, shooting of the proverbial shower. To be added to the typical voyeurism the presence of Lino Banfi, that replacing Mario Carotenuto, generating fast gags and also, a stronger dose of vulgarity.
So it's Formed a powerful trio, Banfi-Vitali-Fenech, more demented with the previous with Carotenuto and complete with all the features to catch the audience. The beautiful, the leader Banfi and the shoulder Alvaro Vitali, still in the role of the agent Tarallo and always struggling with the smash saw in the previous movie.
The screenplay is very linear and predictable. Sometimes we see interesting gags, sometimes we notice things that are absolutely free and, finally, there was a slow derailment on the end.
In this episode, we have our Gianna that at all costs wants to enter the "Buon Costume". To do so, she decides to take off her costumes.... The character is always the same, sexy and a bit 'stupid, for solve the problems of public security she transorf herselgf in a prostitute being ensnared by none other than Commissioner Scappavia (Banfi), or she pretends to be a dancer in a night. For a change by force of moving water, Gianna, catch a real criminal ends up embroiled in the white slave trade. Happy ending to the promotion of Scappavia and Gianna eho finally enter the "Buon Costume"
Second part of the trilogy of cop Fenech thant ending in 1981 with "La Poliziotta a New York", has among its performers in addition to the above trio, Franco Diogene, Giacomo Rizzo and Gianfranco Barra.