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Dariya Dil

Two hours and forty, are sufficient to tell the story of a family melodrama. They could also tell of past generations and future generations.

But here in the magical world of "Bollywood" everything is allowed and the director K. Ravi Shankar strong on its long history, likes to expand the whole. The apex, the collapse and resurrection.

"Dariya Dil" is a"Bollywood"  movie made in 1988. It is a family melodrama that recalls the novels and the popular "telenovelas". It is full of rhetoric about faith, commitment, loyalty and obedience, all in a story full of twists but that turns also to comic situations that end up in the classic happy ending.

It is not surprising, given that this film follows the line of many other films of "Bollywood", but "Dariya Dil" goes down in history for the scene that has been very famous on Youtube,  the one one called "Indian Superman," in which the protagonist dressed as Superman dreams of dancing with the beloved, dressed as a spider woman. A cult scene, beautiful and absurd, comically devastating, however, it has led many to think that this was the Indian version of Superman. None of that. Unfortunately.

"Dariya Dil" instead tells the story of a wealthy family, whose father came up from nothing is an entrepreneur very careful about money, apparently stingy, but in reality very generous. He has three children, two of which, spoiled and unwilling to work that long for the money. The third and youngest, star of the film, as well as dancer costume "Superman" instead following the dictates of his father.

The two "bad" helped by their greedy wife and a brother-in even more bad, upset the system of the father is made to kill. The brothers came to power, hunting mother and younger brother of the house and give the company hand-in-law. But surprise ... the father is not dead,  he returns and with some trick destroys the bad guys. The children are aware of being wrong and apologize. Happy Ending.

Devotion, help the weak, hard work and also some satire and criticism of the British Empire. Enjoyable film with at least three scenes "cult."

Ravi, the youngest child, and example of righteousness and dancer is played by Govinda. A true star of Bollywood and politician for the Indian National Congress Party.

She, however, the Spiderwoman and loved Ravi is the famous Kimi Katka other eighties icon of Indian cinema. Actress, model, pretty much decided in the early nineties to leave the cinema with her husband to go to live in Australia, probably flying as in the famous scene. The other performers can boast a resume and a reputation quite large, starting with the parents the "father", Kader Khan, and the "mum" Shona Anand, then move on to one of the villains played by Gulshan Grover, accustomed to the roles of this type, and finally with the director and producer Raj Kiran. A super film, even without the well-known superhero.