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Quella Villa In Fondo Al Parco

A part that we don’t understand the usefulness of mixing a monkey with a mouse, creating a dangerous monster intelligent but awkward Giuliano Carnimeo ended his career for the big screen with a B-movie more than worthy. Here really miss anything. 1988’s horror "Quella Villa In Fondo Al Parco" escapes from the late eighties climax to refresh the horror of the late seventies, especially those of Joe D'Amato.
Everything travels very well between many absurdities, violent scenes, evil monster and the inevitable moments when one of the protagonists, Eva Grimaldi, shows large parts of his body, producing two scenes as trash to be missed (one in a photo shoot and another under the shower with the monster that acts as a voyeur ...). The setting of the Caribbean (Santo Domingo, to be exact) and the presence of the unforgettable Janet Agren complete the picture.

As already said everything revolves around this monster-monkey mouse result of a clever experiment of the classic mad scientist, and while remaining in the classic this horrendous being out of control and with its poisoned claws and intelligence out of the ordinary takes its toll on victims . Thus a model and  a couple of girls die, and so the police warned the family of models Marlis (Eva Grimaldi), possible victim, who sends his sister Terry (Janet Agren who did the same thing in "Mangiati Vivi" by Lenzi) to verify everything. Marlis is not dead, she is in the forest taking pictures and then coming to the house of the scientist and of the monster. Terry meanwhile befriended David a clever writer who helps her in the search for missing sister.
Carnimeo then cleverly leaves the end rather than open as in the best horror and viewing the solution as the best b movie.
The experienced hand of Carnimeo famous for spaghetti westerns, but few good thriller ("Perchè quelle strane gocce di sangue sul corpo di Jennifer??") And various sexy comedies ("“Mia Moglie torna a scuola” ") is seen and heard as we can see the skill of the writer Dardano Sacchetti faithful collaborator Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci and Umberto Lenzi and author of a lot of films. The cast is certainly appropriate for the circumstances. The more than ever buttoned Janet Agren paves the way for the natural beauty Eva Grimaldi here, fortunately, still far from knowing the surgery. David Warbeck male protagonist stands out, New Zealand actor best known for "E tu vivrai nel terrore l’aldilà" and a series of appearances in this kind of movies.