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Denmark twenties. A filthy rich old millionaire made merry with young girls and avoid to a small village, with its wealth and generosity, to pay taxes. Now, if we had not specified the place and we had not said the issue of taxes, you probably would have thought a celebrity here in Italy. But our reference it's the main part of the second episode of the so-called "Stjernetegnsfilm" and follows a year the first "I Jomfruens Tegn" of 1973.
This time it's the Taurus, with the changing of the setting and director (Werner Hedmann) but we are always in front of a demented film soft-core or hard core.
Unlike "The Jomfruens Tegn" the pace of this film after a good start it's too slow, fade into history, pointing to everything from objective, in hot situations. In any case, it is well for another episode of this hit series.
We know that. You Want to know what happens after the death of the old rich guy. It happens that he, in his will writes that all his assets will go to those who have their first child, born under the sign of Taurus, from a relationship outside marriage. If it does not happen all go to a shelter for homeless, leaving the small village without subsidies and at the mercy of taxes.
Needless to say that as soon as the news circulated in all village, everybody try to hava a child. Someone needs to learn (with vegetables or holes in the wall) and someone is already in the profession, an experienced prostitute, who teach the people under the eyes a bit 'conservative of mayor and the priest.
Unhinged and bizarre situation in which we find, as usual, the star Ole Soeltoft accompanied by Sigrid Horne Rasmussen Susanne Breuning a provocative theater actress and voice actress for Denmark to several episodes of the Muppets.