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Patrocloo0! E il Soldato Camillone, Grande, Grosso e Frescone

Take a very famous joke, from a well known radio show, in this case the legendary "Alto Gradimento" a very famous 70's italian radio show series, and put it in a title and then try to build a story around. Or, conversely, in a very bad history put a popular catchphrase. In any case, the result is always the same: a bad and predictable movie.
Directly from the "military genre" this film can be regarded as one of the worst of Mariano Laurenti, director from whom we expected more.
From this movie we can catch very few things. We have A banal story, incoherent too, in which Bracardi is literally stuck with his famous catchphrase "Patroclooo!". His character breaks into story at least four or five times, without reason and without explanation by the other, except for a brief stop in one of his last forays.
Pippo Franco, the male protagonist, is playing as usual his "crying style" with silly jokes and calembour. He finds in Laura Troschel, his wife at the time, a shoulder that sometimes streamline the story.
From the classic conflict resulted a mistaken identity Bruno Camillone Bruno ends up in Army. There with his clumsiness and his little will to work, he create many troubles in the barracks sending in crisis the colonel on duty. He falls, also, in love with Tamara (Laura Troschel), and at the end he married her, despite the disapproval of her parents.
That's it. We would like to tell you something more, maybe talking about some successful gag, but really we haven't seen