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Fuga Dal Bronx

Some years ago in Italy a group of unscrupulous yuppies tries to make filthy business, starting with "real estate" and finish with the controls of some italians banks. They were famous as "I Furbetti del Quartierino". So, here we have the same persons but in post-apocalyptic era.
Here they are, according to the brilliant minds of the best Italian action-movie director Enzo G. Castellari, which fully exploits the wave of the genre and throws himself into speculation surpassing for beauty and intensity the first episode of his trilogy about the devastating future scenarios .
"Fuga dal Bronx" is a successful movie, interesting and intense, a part the long series of weird and "poetic license." There will something for everyone: action, gore, shootings, violent deaths. Enzo G. Castellari place also a couple of his "symbols" among which we point out a beautiful slow-motion scene.

Really filmed in the Bronx, among abandoned houses and ruins, the film tells of a company "General Enterprise" which breaks down the district to make a luxury residential area. From their promises to transfer the residents in New Mexico, to the reality of a real pest control, made by men in silver suits, crash helmet and flame-throwers, led by the wicked and very bad Floyd Wrangler, played by Henry Silva impassive and bad par excellence, that here take the luxory of  two or three smiles (sarcastic not deceive).
This group referred to as just "Disinfestor" finds strength in small group of citizens and especially of rebels who take refuge in the basement, under the orders of Dablon (imdb quotes him as Toblerone) a laughing a crazy leader. Among these there is the legendary "Trash" that unlike others who prefer to hide, he tries with the help of "Strike" to upset the plans of the company.
 "Fuga dal Bronx" holds, with a good result and with a full of redundant scenes of explosions sometimes suggestive. To spin everything Castellari must resort to the fast action, with two words to convince and plans that do not have a hitch, counter-moves of the opponents apart. He search, but he don't find it the pathos in the final scene that slips into a surreal comedy.

Besides the usual monumental Henry Silva, there are a long series of interesting performers. The heroic Trash is Mark Gregory, aka Marco Di Gregorio, an italian actor famous at the time for playing several action movies, he was very young and he had the syle of the hero as "Stallone".

Valeria D'Obici instead plays a journalist who exposes the "General Enterprise." But she is sefinitely pulls off the character role with little credibility. Strange because the D'Obici is an Italian actress who in those years obtained a great success thanks to the film "Passione d'Amore" of Scola that take her to earned the "David di Donatello." She has then a career that has slipped quietly into smaller parts and commercial films,recently resumed with Avati and Muccino.

Giancarlo Prete had ample space, he was a faithful  of Castellari, who used him also on the side of Franco Nero in "Il Cittadino si Ribella" Prete then continued his career as a voice actor and unfortunately died in 2001.
Paolo Malco however, known for his roles in the series "Incatesimo", "Cento Vetrine" and above all (for us) "Quella Villa Accanto Al Cimitero" is the ruthless vice-president of the company.

We also find Ennio Girolami Castellari's brother, and a too laughin Antonio Sabato (Doblons) and a brief cameo by Romano Puppo. Forgotten someone? Yes One of the first performers who emerge in the research on the internet about this movie: Moana Pozzi. Even at the beginning of his career, here she is struggling with a small character that bears his name, but becomes Juana in the American version.

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