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Sex Files Alien Erotica

Nymphomaniacs aliens roam the universe. Men and women, beautiful scientists looking for a remedy. And light-hearted, always beautiful, secret agents providing investigate as a demented and sexy version of Moulder and Skelly. The series "Sex Files: Alien Erotica" travels on these latitudes, but it also said that we are far from trivial and a handcrafted. Ok, everything leads to soft-core and the sex scenes are long, nudity in very large number, but the film tries and  had a history and had a setting (and some special effect) not bad at all.

The first episode of this saga, starring a alien "mushroom" stuck close to a spacecraft on a mission and then take as"Invasion of the Body Snatchers" the features of the astronauts. The odor given off from from this creature  leads all to an irrepressible desire to have sex.

The best idea of the whole story is that in reality the fungus hasn't ambitions of conquest, it wants only return to earth reunited with another fungus ( male) taken away by mistake from a previous mission. And they had sex happily. Between soft-core scenes, smaller than the following film and a sort of comedy brought by two agents.

"Sex Files: Alien Erotica" flow quietyl and is an happily watching, and making runs for the genre, big word, a masterpiece. Rolfe Kanefsky behind the camera performs his task with scrupulous activities, however, without inventing anything. The cast stands out the figure of Kira Reed and Gabriella Hall famous models and actresses to show sexy movies and soft core.