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Not a surprise that in the wave of classics transposed to the "blaxploitation" there is also Frankenstein. Indeed, the surprise would have been if no director or producer didn’t make a movie Shelley’s monster.

What is striking is that unlike most movies that are worthy of the same vein, in a period when they were a gold mine, and with plot so evocative, this "Blackenstein" fails completely. It 's a bad movie also quite boring where production saves plenty of special effects and lighting leaving in the dark almost everything led the scenes to the imagination of the viewer. Among parts of body glued bad on actors and clear reproductions of human limbs "Blackenstein" is probably the worst film of its kind and nothing is worth the effort to redress this situation, more than half the film, showing a bit 'of tits and some splatters
We must say the incipit was not bad. Dr. Winifred Walker moves at the laboratory of one of his former professor, the dott.Stein, with the intention of helping her boyfriend that lost due to a mine in the Vietnam War the legs. Stein luminary of DNA and winner of a Nobel is able, more or less seeing the other patients, to give back the legs to the boy. But, his aide, Malcomb, is madly obsessed with Winifred even to the point of boycotting the trial and trying to rape the girl. At first it seems that the operation is successful, but then "Blackenstein" reveals itself to be a bloodthirsty misogynist monster going to kill women and  women, reaching an apotheosis with the murder out of a "Club" after just one number of bad comedy that introduces the note singer Cardella Di Milo.
It’s needless to say, but also the interpretation is bad, but the cast has a large numbers of former famous actors.
For example, John Hart, "Dr.Stein," actor with all the features of "star" begins very well his career in the thirties, and then slow down after the forced stop of the Second World War. Hart participated in many films , especially western and has been for some seasons the protagonist of the popular TV series "Lone Ranger" also lauded sitcom later, such as in "Happy Days".
Not bad, even the "career" of  Liz Renay. Blonde sensational like "Monroe" was an actress but also a star of the gossip. She told that she had affairs with famous people like Joe Di Maggio and Cary Grant. What is certain is that she was engaged to Mickey Cohen, the boss of the Mafia and financier of her career. Apparently love was so strong to push Liz to refuse to cooperate with the police to frame Cohen, preferring prison.
Once released she continued his career in minor films and then became a stripper (she performed with her daughter, until the same has not committed suicide) as well as writer of an autobiography entitled "Face For The World To See". She has acted under the orders of John Waters (a good artistic couple  must say) and has inspired some passages of his "Female Trouble" in 1974.
Finally, the actress Andrea King, another beauty of the forties was a star of the "Warner Bros" before becoming a television actress in the sixties and seventies.