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Serdar Kebabçilar more commonly known as Serdar, said in a recent interview that in a dispute between him and Stallone, he would win because he is a true sportsman.
And then there are those who speak of the "Stanislavsky Method." Serdar is convinced and is convinced that "Korkusuz" is a great film. Oh! Stanislavsky.
Must think that are passed as twenty-five years since this film that evokes the evolution of Rambo and more specifically the second chapter. Serdar yet still believe everything.

Political events in Turkey, as reported many historians have also affected the world of cinema, pushing to a national review of the most successful Americans movies, that were hard to find. Thanks to all  we can see pearls as "Kara Simsek" ("Rocky"), "Dünyayı Kurtaran Adam" ("Star Wars") and indeed the film in question. The common denominator of this strand of movies is a person called "Jet-director", capable of making films in ten days: Çetin İnanç. Director with a long curriculum he turn his careers with other types of work.
We can not just let our Serdar in this threatening adventure in the Turkish mountains and then back to "Korkusuz”. The film opens with the phrase "There is no better reward of the love of the nation" none of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the father of Turkey.
It is a warning to the viewer who can already imagine that what he will see is permeated by a strong national pride and blind obedience to authority. In spite then of the Stallone’ "Rambo" who hated the power play and was only lit by patriotism.
His turkish twin trust in autorithy and he agrees to be a mole in a group of criminals to capture a dangerous bandit than to annoy the local population also kidnaps a diplomat (colleague Serdar, who is also infiltrated). Serdar of course find the “beautiful” in turn, also saved from the robbers, but paradoxically made ​​life threatening by the same hero . She also does a turn is in love with Serdar but understands and accepts that her death, fault of Serdar, it is helpful to the cause.
The robber s not this great genius and lives in a house easily visible with a small helicopter. In any case, Serdar go and fix  all things.
Full of errors and with a recitation of melodrama, "Korkusuz" is a big "B Movie" gifted from Turkey.
Very great are the weapons of "Rambo" which are a dagger, a pair of guns and a bazooka, which is clearly false, as Serdar himself admits in the aforementioned interview. For the sets was used what is in place and in this case the story so wild helps production  a lot. Serdar still holds the emotional intensity of the Stallone acting, indeed sometimes even better as a stand when the rain and intense heat.
The lead actor was a turkish bodybuilder who got some good results at the European level. He also starred in the Rocky of the Bosphorus, which according to him is always a great film and it is his favorite. Serdar now has a gym. All of which things can be found on the site of  Dark Maze Studios American company that has reissued the film in 2009, changed the music (the originals were copied as usual) and released the film on the American market. The title was changed to "Rampage", although previously he had undergone significant changes and versions. "Korkusuz" which translated means "No Fear" is of course also known as "Turkish Rambo."