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I Tvillingernes tegn

How many of you dream or have dreamed of having a twin to be replaced or will be replaced on several occasions even more eager after watching this film. For the twins and the relative sign of the zodiac is dedicated this third episode of "stjernetegn-filmserien" needless to say that continues in the same way as always.
Very easy and with different gags, some of which are nice, the usual  Werner Hedmann takes us a small village in which two record companies try to hire the beautiful and talented star. One is Anthony Master, played by the usual Ole Soltoft, womanizer (he lives surrounded by beautiful nude wimen) and the other black and evil boss of the General Record. The second just to eliminate the competitor does it also asks the kidnap Anthony and ask a ransom.
With time winding down and now the star more and more confused, the clique of "Master Records", the little women nude above, with great initiative caught Anthony's twin brother, Benny funeral store owner and very clumsy, they make him man (imagine how) and send him to the star with which he must play strip poker.

Meanwhile, Anthony escape from the prison creating the usual chaos of misunderstanding and substitutions.
Special effects a bit “too low” but the history goes well and fast and the comedy and sexy gags fill the missing of the plot

There are also some scenes that are “must to see”  as the sexy tango or the chase by bicycle. In addition to Ole Soltoft and Bent Warburg  are Preben Mahrt actor with a long resume, the comet, Cia Lowgren which appeared in a few other films and especially Karl Stegger, one of Denmark's most important players. Carl Stegger which became the name of art as Karl has had a huge career in theater, film and TV in Denmark.