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Sorry! We start with a trivial concept. The crime is a cancer that envelops the whole nation. Not more than a single city or area. Idea a bit trivial, but it's the the backbone of this "Italia A Mano Armato" a poliziottesco of 1976 which seeks to give us a coherent picture, but especially disastrous across the country: crime is everywhere.

Beyond the fundamental theorem and if we drop the usual hype that the "poliziottesco" wants, this film holds well from beginning to end, with a tight story that never falls and indeed grows with the domino effect " .

Turin, Milan and Genoa, in order of appearance are the cities. A group of criminals kidnap children from a school bus, then a series of bank robberies (specifically to Bank of Turin), and finally the classic drug dealing. To hold the reins of all that is the usual sinister and ruthless character who lives in luxury and make the bully with the law, in this case is Jean Albertelli played by John Saxon always convincing.

Against the crime wave there is another and more convincing that needs no introduction: Maurizio Merli, which closes the trilogy with this film by Commissioner Betti (Roma Violenta  Napoli Violenta). Betti finds himself behind a series of characters as a more accommodating than usual to take off a little 'the gold standard right-handed executioner of the genre. Commissioner Arpino (played by Raymond Pellegrin) lighter side of justice, the beautiful Luisa (Mirella D'Angelo) romantic side of the film and finally Raffaele Cacace (Tony Ucci) mild comic relief in history.

A glimpse Italian words with "postcards" of the past and so much action that reaches its apex at the end with freeze-frame sequences.

Behind the camera we find Marino Girolami, under the name of Franco Martinelli, a presence or nearly fixed in this blog, who returns to directing after Betti "Roma Violenta" film, as we have said, a bit 'too much on right the side, that loose against this "Italia A Mano Armata"

In addition to the dyo Saxon-Merli, we find Mirella D'Angelo that appear after a few years in the role of Livia in "Caligula" of Tinto Brass, and a part in "Darkness" by Dario Argento. Raymond Pellegrin, French actor and active in the noir detective and the character Tony Ucci complete the cast.