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Love doesn't knows barriers. The human being is willing to break down any difficulties met their match. Normal and more or less acceptable. But what if one of them is in love with a sheep? We can say that things are further complicated, as happens in this 2011's from Argentine. A "black comedy", that we can rename in "sheep comedy", funny and crazy, which has a number of ideas and cult scenes.

The only downside to "Animalada" is that it could with a couple of tricks, be even more exaggerated. But even so we are facing a more than successful film, shot with little budget, well exploited, and that plays on a continuous (sometimes too much) parallelism with the animal world, and with a parody of horror, thriller and love films.

The story behind this movie involves Albert and Fanny. He is a wealthy man who lives in a huge ranch with his wife Natalie. They Are twenty-nine years who are married, they have two children, Paula television host of a column of kitchen and Gaston dancer and singer on TV. But the marriage has nothing more to offer, there is nothing more to say. So one night Alberto crosses the gaze of Fanny, "The most beautiful eyes of a living being" sheep of his cattle.

From here starts furtive meetings in the barn, kept waiting and stalking his wife finally went to sleep. But in this fairy tale intrudes on the farm laborer himself bewitched by Fanny and discovered by Alberto. From here the madness of Alberto is boundless, and his wife discovered that the report goes mad, the children who return home to try to understand and fix things and Alberto on one side is happy and not at all disturbed and on the other ready to leaving a trail of blood and sacrifice everything to defend his love.

The dramatic crescendo is extraordinary both for the develop of narrative, driven by a goat that intrudes into the "love story" and become the number one enemy of Alberto, bringing the story in the territories to be "thriller" with the animal seems to be mind-arm brutal revenge.

The scenes "cult" of "Animalada" are really a lot, this is worth reporting between those in which the main character in a fun picnic with his "beautiful" tries to teach her to say "ALBERTO", or in another which he tries to convince an employee of a travel agency to take on Fanny, with him on the plane in the seat opposite. This and more in an independent film a must-see who can stay away from vulgarity and discounted solutions.

If you want you can read a romantic version of "Animal Farm" by Orwell, but with the complicity of the two "worlds". There will be all over this like "intellectual", but certainly there is a lot of fun added to great film.

Director Sergio Bizzio despite this brilliant result hasn't continued his career for the big screen, preferring to write novels and short subjects and television direction. Too bad. The cast includes actors from Argentina that have divided their careers between cinema and television at home. Among these Carlos Roffi, a wonderful player, television and film actor Benegas active at home and Christina, his wife.