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I Lovens Tegn

As people says "Never change a winning team" Or better to say "Never change a winning scheme". So we have the same director Werner Hedman who brings us into the same world of "stjernetegn-filmserien. Number four dedicated to Zodiac sign of Lions.
But maybe it's the same formula, the retro idea or the environment but this film it isn't a lion. Sure, it's not that "stjernetegn-filmserien" aim to upset the public, or revolutionize the cinema, but on balance there is little new things to say. Only two things change compared to other films: a very "hard" start and  a factor defined as "yellow. " For the rest we are in the neutral-erotic demezial ever.
 The Lion who is dedicated the film is a gorgeous old man, the protagonist of amusing stories into his estate. His diaries and memories of what happened in his rooms are the subject of book write many years after by two lovely old ladies.
This two old ladies always dreaming about becoming writers, but theri manuscripts were always recjected  by publishers because they are too trivial. And here is the revolutionary idea: write about the count's parties and their family memories. Success. Resounding success. But the two can't revealing that they are the authors of the book and so they use the name of their grandson, Toni Bram a very conservative man. He knew nothing about that and his arrival in the city creates many funny events and also a story of incredible legacy tarnished by fake grandson of the Count.
 Everything runs off fast especially in the first part, then give a bit 'towards the end. A part the typical actors of the serie we find in the cast Else Petersen already seen in "The Tyrens Tegn" and later in the award-winning "Babette's Feast" and Anne Magli known porn stars of the period and Danish Poul Bungaard also well known at home in a career divided between actor and singer of light opera.