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It was logical to think so, but contrary to what we saw in the "fake-trailer" contained in "Planet Terror", "Machete" isn't a tribute to the 70's cinema.
No film scratched, no faded film, no "Missing Reel". No. "Machete" is a modern exploitation movie in every way. With stars

Its genesis is universally known. The character was created many years ago and becomes flesh in the "fake-trailer" above, which leads with great acclaim Rodriguez to create a feature movie. A film inspired by this kind of movies dear to this blog, but that modernizes the language and techniques.

Romantically "Machete" can be understood as a message of hope, even in front of other films coming out in recent years, that "exploitation" is finally back, reborn and went beyond the good gifts that come out from time to time.

"Machete" is a container of whirlwind events well concatenated holding the rhythm of the film quite high. The blood is flowing very much, but the context is so funny that the shedding would not mind even more sensitive to the viewer.
The stench of exploitation accompanies each situation, with a vast array of silly or super-macho jokes, heroic gestures out of human possibilities and drastic unthinkable solutions

Exploitation Lives! No Muero!
Our hero is Machete. Played by an amazing Danny Trejo, that we have already seen as villain in several films. Best choice could not be there. Trejo is Machete anche Machete is Trejo. Their individual masks fit perfectly to create a perfect character in every aspect.
Our hero is a rude mexican police officer, the best agent . He investigates about drug trafficking and is betrayed by his boss, who is in business with the Boss Torrez played by Steven Seagall, in the first role that we appreciate. They kill all Machete's family.
After three years Machete return to the limelight. Now he is in the States. He lives as an illegal immigrant struggling with problems every day. Work. Permits. Hungry.
But one day, however, a slippery figure Michael Booth (Jeff Fahey seen in "Planet Terror") offers him one hundred and fifty thousand U.S. dollars to kill Senator McLaughlin, an highly racist politician. The senator is played by a little-known actor, named..Robert De Niro, however, that demonstrates a certain skill which is guaranteed to bring up. We are joking of course, the great Robert once again revealed a large dose of irony as well as skill to play a racist that would returns to Mexico all immigrants and build a network of electric wire on the border. In Italy he were with Lega Nord Party.

Again Machete is cheated. The plan is a plot to take votes to the senator's denigrating immigrants. Machete not escape this time. He Seeks revenge. Aided by a beautiful Michelle Rodriguez (Luz or She) a tacos seller and a leader of a network of solidarity for immigrants, as well as an elegant policewoman Jessica Alba, Sartana Rivera, of "La Migra," the police force that deals with immigration , who at first doubted the hero and then join his battle. But aides do not stop there and apart from all immigrants, he can also count on Padre Cortez (Cheech Marin), who already in fake-trailer played the character of a priest who used the weapons for justice. Cortez is actually also a former federal police officer and brother of the hero.
This welter of things will bring the final explosion, a surreal war between immigrant and racist, full of explosions, bullets and fight scenes impossible. Among the many characters we can't forget April, played by Linsday Lohan, uninhibited daughter of Booth in the course of history as well as having fun with his mother and machetes, she see the classic "light."

Machete contrast with the physical aspect of pilot, shows some education and gallantry that goes with its devastating strength. Obsessed with cutting weapons, smash each scene, use with ease cut herbs, corkscrews, knives, machetes to clear the operating room and take out the bad guys, and that many are angry.
Rodriguez "child" Tarantino does not give up the temptation to put some quotes. These include the reference to "Planet Terror" with the same characterization to battle Cherry Darling Michelle Rodriguez, who also puts on eye patch that calls Frigga "Thriller A Cruel Picture" or if you prefer to modern times Elle Driver "Kill Bill".

Apart from the fun of first impression that emerges thanks ofhigh dose of irony, "Machete" has a very deep message. Immigration and racism. The desperation of those who must flee their homeland, the opportunism of those who welcomes them and exploit them (for manpower at low cost) and the hypocrisy of those who would like to officially send everyone to their own country. "Machete" set in Texas may have, as stated in the credits some sequel too, but especially if you think about a remake set in Europe.