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Do you Remember how it worked. You were, for example, you 70's director, a Gloria Guida available. And you were doing a movie around. After having stripped her.

A theorem easy, that in this "L'Affittacamere" reache on of its most explicit moment.
This movie is Gloria Guida. Gloria Guida is this movie. Glory! The blonde angel, a typical school mate the films, here is so central to the events to overshadow a cast of great stars of the Italian erotic comedy. Lino Banfi, Enzo Cannavale, Vittorio Caprioli, Giancarlo Dettori to which is added the presence of the austere Adolfo Celi.
The situation of "L'affittacamere" We believe that at this point is clear: a plot excuse to strip the star to which is added, gags thar are not too sophisticated, catchy number, puns, misunderstandings that create a sexy comedy, alas, not too funny.

The hand of Mariano Laurenti stumbles a bit 'in a story starring the sisters Mainardi. Giorgia (Gloria Guida) and the fatty Angela (Fran Fullenwider) naive and innocent, engaged with Lillino (Lino Banfi).
The two inherited the house of an aunt, just outside Bologna and do not hesitate to turn it into a kind of "Bed & Breakfast". But the distance from the center is not good for business and Giorgia, in addition to traditional methods, began an advertising campaign and flirty two-way flows even in a sexy hitch.
Good!. Customers arrive, they all think they can have sex with the beautiful Georgia. A Tuscan lawyer, a political maniac of signatures (signing the body of the guide in the hottest scene of the film) and even a harmless ex-cop, good Enzo Cannavale. On this structure, however, comes along conservative eyes of judge Damiani (Adolfo Celi). Final explosion of classic misunderstandings in which all are in the wrong place.
The two sisters close their business and reopen in another location, always with the same commercial basis.