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I Drink Your Blood

As ever Manson and the "Family" inspired another story of hippie Satanists who going to disturb the States most respectable and quiet. They sliced ​​a bit 'of people use drugs and rape the various "Peggy Sue". These ones then shoot large, since they already have a "melting pop" and declaring itself direct sons and daughters of the devil.

It all sounds easy but in reality this wonderful but very bad "B Movie" confuses us a bit, 'because it's not clear which side will deploy. Probably no one and the director David Durston confined itself to create an insane catching entertainment using Manson and Romero.

But how would the critics defined professionals let us ask ourselves the question, if this film wants to scare people with the danger of hippies and the different person or wants to describe the american society as stupid and dangerous. Because while the hippies are black masses, take drugs, rape and murder, on the other side we see a child able to find a rifle in the kitchen and create the event that causes the "chaos". Not to mention the emblematic fall of a group of workers who are duped by the first boob that they find on the street.

In any case, if Durston wanted to find a moral  is hidden very well behind a script to define poor is a compliment. A script slow, at times, embarrassing levels and with a amateur recitation to say the least. But it is a rule: the exaggeration leads to the masterpiece.

The story is very simple. The "Sons and Daughters of Satan" during a Black Mass found a girl who spies on them. They rape she. The next day their van will not start and are forced to stay in a small town, occupying an abandoned hotel. Noise, chaos, hustle disturb the grandfather of the girl raped going to the hotel at night trying to threaten them, but he returning at home with broken bones. Given the fate of his relatives, the little grandson of the man and brother of the girl, boy at a bakery, tired and hurt put in different pies the blood of a dog afflicted with rabies. The cakes will be sold to hippie. And so begins the contamination that extends even to the local population. Complete chaos. Blood, hardly credible that flows in rivers and many scarcely credible solutions.

Obviously there are the heroes "good American boys" who with a few trusted friends try to stop the horde sometimes even using the water (they have rabies and so they are feared by water). As in the best horror the police arrived to clear up everything or if you prefer to put the dust under the carpet of the "quiet" American home.

The location is a real quiet town called Sharon Springs not far from New York. Famous in the nineteenth century for its mineral springs, lost its fame by the years, making at the end of the eighties a ghost town. In the nineties began the historical and social recovering and the place has now new life.

Even the actors can boast an artistic life of ups and downs. Bhaskar Roy Chowdhury, chief of the hippies is an actor born in India and emigrated to the United States. Painter, sculptor and dancer, as a result of a fall from the stage remained paralyzed. After this thing he focused his life as a painter and sculptor. He has contributed to the narration of the re-editing the film released in 2000, three years before his death.

With him there is Jadin Wong Chinese-American actress and dancer, has the most classic and successful history in the ranks. From the mother's aversion to extreme poverty, to get to the compassionate care of a producer who found she the street to have the dance lessons saved everything.

A success then was also awarded a medal by Ronald Reagan for his contribution troops during the "Second World War" in which, inter alia, she has survived an accident parachuting from a helicopter. She died in 2010. There is  space too for Lynn Lowry here to debut later became a famous producer and screenwriter and for the athletic Alex Mann.

"Last but not the least” director David E.Durston. Durston had a career remained famous for this film even if Durston can claim the co-direction with the turkish Metin Erksan of "Susuz Yaz" 1964’s movie that won the “Golden Bear” in Berlin. Before dealing with porn gay movies he was actor during the "Second World War" in a drama produced by the army. Then came this memorable "B movie" that gave him many problems. Classified as "X Rated" the director had to cut several scenes for the "Rated R". The title that he wanted to use was "Blood Phobia" changed in what we know, with considerable controversy by Durston, by the manufacturer. Generally, "I Drink Your Blood" double bill passed in with "I Eat Your Skin" by Del Tenney. Eat and drink.