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Spiando Marina

With a tit shows already on the poster, you will agree with us that it is not difficult to spy Marina. She, moreover, does nothing to hide, leaving open doors and windows and having sex at high volume.

The director does not mind the idea, rather he use it at 100% this George Raminta pseudonym that our beloved Sergio Martino, who focuses on all round as a highly erotic and fame at the time of Debora Caprioglio.

So the Venetian actress years after the exploits of "Paprika" is Marina, the characters on is build the whole movie. She goes around almost always naked, having fun with a snake and a hot story of sex with the neighbor that leads them to mate and everywhere at all times, including a huge dressing room test. Caprioglio act very bad, but acting like the script, are optional also crushed by the same actress (what do you do with that).

In this work, rather than commercial in 1992, which still exudes a bit 'of the eighties, Sergio Martino creates a film that after the third nude became boring above all makes us regret to the years when Martino created excellent thriller with good plot and a lot sex appeal. In "Spiando Marina" triumphs morbidity and lust that wins hands down on a story very minimal.

Mark is a cop that in his career became corrupted by the Mafia, only to repent and denounce an organization. Victim of Revenge of the Mafia, which wipes out the family (in the face of the witness protection), Mark is recycled as a killer and is hired to kill a boss.

But during the mission meets Marina and uninhibited busty neighbor with which it establishes a 'fiery relationship. But Marina is hiding something.

Nothing special in this boring erotic thriller. Very lower level from the other movie of Martino. Nothing to say, obvius, about the choice of the protagonist the very beauty Debora Caprioglio that in the first years of 90’s entered in the erotic imagination of the italians. Here she is near from her total artistic change that pur her away from erotic movies and on theater stages.

At her side we find Shlomo Goldberg, better known as Steve Bond and most famous for his many appearances on "Soap Opera" that in American film. Martino now rather out of ideas after a wonderful career, try againtwo years after the way of "erotic thriller" with "Graffiante Desiderio", another resounding flop, which leads away from direction for the big screen until 2008 when he direct the sequel of the “Allenatore nel Pallone”.