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The correct title is with an "X" on the second B, to remove the misspelling, from the union of the words Carabinieri and matti (Carabinieri are one of the police corps of Italy know for a long series of jokes about its foolish, “matti” means crazy). But the “X” would be better put on the entire film and forget everything.

I "Carabbimatti" is a "joke-movie" a quite popular sub-genre of the 70’s italian cinema. It reduces the level of a great variety of movies like “Pierino” and “W La Foca”. But these ones compensate their ultra trashy plot with a long series of semi-naked girls and soft-core scenes who also provide to anatomy’s for younger, since there wasn’t internet. In the case of the "Pierino"’s saga we must say that  it had a catchy soundtrack famous also today.

Instead, "I Carabbimatti" is just a bad movie with a pair of sexy scenes among not so sophisticated jokes, tied togheter with a poor string.

If “Carabbimatti” wants to be a spoof against the Carabinieri it fails miserably and create a boomerang effect that makes fun of the genre and that Italian cinema.

Everything is very simple, the farmer Marrone, to escape frome the financial controls hides in a clinic. But for the classic mistake he ends in a mental hospital, where he meets bizarre characters. Two clever cops are on his trail, Pasta and Ceci (an italian dish) (Daniele Formica and Leo Gullotta),while his wife and the lover of Marrone console themselves with others various lovers.

The cast is full of characters, well-known comedians of the time. Gianni Agus extraordinary actor and host broadcaster, as well as shoulder of Totò, Paolo Villaggio.  Leo Gullotta a good actor who preferred shares and preferred a lesser degree. The poor Daniele Formica, who died recently is in arole that does not honor his quality.

Giorgio Ariani instead, director of the clinic was one of Oliver Hardy's famous voice actors, taking the place of Alberto Sordi, on the big screen however, we often seen struggling with the "joke movie" including an incredible "Pierino" as a substitute of the protagonist.

Andy Luotto of the Arbore clan and the cameos of the legendary Johnny Il Fenomeno and Renzo Montagnani complete the male cast of this unfortunate film. The female side is represented by the irrepressible and sexy Licinia Lentini actress who deserved more than was reflected in a career full of minor roles which include the wife of President Bortolotti in “L’allenatore nel Pallone”. Carnimeo is the director often mentioned in this blog (“Mia Moglie Torna a Scuola”, “Quella villa in Fondo Al Parco”.