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Let's face it now and let's get it: this is the indian "Nightmare". The Freddy Kruger of Bombay. The Bollywood version of the first film of the Craven’s saga. So you can easily think with all these characteristics to the inevitable, that this is not a simple transposition, but it has in addition the features of the Bollywood cinema.

"Mahakaal" is a cult movie very incredible. Irresistible. A container that mixes with incredible audacity, comedy, horror and music.

The beginning tries to be as close  "A Nightmare on Elm Street", but with special effects more easier, then it take the road of the singing and colorful Bollywood.

There is the nightmare, be assured, and is relentless, but in the first part, the rest of the day of the protagonists, here expanded with a comic profile (a guy that imitates Michael Jackson ...) and the evil guy among tired school lessons and beautiful ballets (not to be missed "Picnic" ").

Then minute after minute,"Mahakaal " veersmore in the drama, melodrama and horror, decreasing comedy and forgetting the ballets. The action focuses on continuous flashback and hunt the monster, as suggested by a holy man.

The Indian Kruger unlike the most well-known does not like to talk, but it is in a better mood. He always laugh. He is 'badly disfigured and he was buried alive, he was terrible criminal killed by Anita's father, the protagonist, a tough cop. Years later, the monster returns with a thirst for blood and vengeance, and looming in the nightmares of Anita and her friends.

Irony aside and kitschy moments that pop sometimes, there are several scenes that make it very well, like the murder in the hotel and lead to the success this film

Behind the we find two heroes of indian horror the brothers  Shyam and Tulsay Ramsay, kings of the genre since 70’s. Also in the cast there are big stars.

As the leading Archana Puran Singh actress and TV presenter known for comedic roles. Same thing can be said Johnny Lever pseudonym for a British Indian actor who attended 315 films.  Reema Lago specialized in roles as a mother is another "star" in her country as well as Kulbhushan Kharbanda who has also starred in the trilogy of elements by Deepa Mehta. A long list of pleasant curiosity about a this movie that ends up on the global market thanks to the re-editing of the 2009's " Mondo Macabro"