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Orgia stin Kerkyra

This is a movie that will leave you glued to the chair, from first to last minute. There, careful and vigilant in agonizing waiting for an event. That will never happen. "Orgy Stin Kerkira" much better known as "The Pussycat Syndrome"  is one of those episodes excuse to see a little 'of women who roam throughout the duration of the film naked, without a real reason. There are many examples, and the films that come to mind, among them we quote our "Le Porn Killers" older of three years that has some structural similarity with this one, but in a comparison “Le porno Killers” seems a movie with a plot worthy of Hitchcock.

"The Pussycat Syndrome" is a greek movie 1983, directed by Ilias Mylonakos filmmaker born in Athens who finished more often behind the camera giving rise to episodes of "sexploitation". Setting totally in Greece,  the original title can be translated in "Orgies in Kerkyra," or if you prefer in Corfu, but the beautiful island and its natural beauty are very far from the camera.

The natural beauty which are instead taken into account are those of Tina Eklund Nordic blonde explosive, soon disappeared from the scene and Ajita Wilson famous black actress of the eighties with wide presence in '"exploitation" and earlier in some porn. Ajita was famous and chat also for the fact that before being an actress she was a firefighter’s sergeant and his name was George. After sex change, the beginning of a career with the move to Europe, and unfortunately the untimely death in 1987.

In this colorful duo is also added Jacqueline Marcant also present in other films of the genre.

Gloria and Donna (Eklund and Wilson) are two models who just finished a service, decided to put a little 'island where they are. Of course, they don’t get bored and they spend happy times with two hitchhikers, and later at the home of a wealthy publisher who thanks to the presence of two hot girls is able to adjust the relationship with his wife Mary (Marcante).

Gloria find the true love and renunce of his career, to sit naked in Greece.

It is not clear about which way Mylonakos want to go. Not that it is essential, considering that the director did not point to talk about the meaning of life, but the film goes from zany moments, others vaguely tragic, ending with a more than romantic. As an example we mention the insane scene in which a man rejected by Gloria, disguises herself as a cleaning lady and knocks on the room, then get into bed with her, among other things, without concluding anything other than a couple of touchs Or the very dramatic expression of the rich guy who discovers his wife in bed with Gloria. These greek’s directors are hard to understand Greek. You can also find this film in the usual hard-core version, but that is soft enough.