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Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens Tegn

"Just the thought of uncomfortable

positions Makes be dizzy"

The serie was really showing a degree of immobility evident with "The Lovens Tegn". It's probably is the same ones who thought "Happy Films" and director and screenwriter Werner Hedman who give life to the fifth "Revolutionary" episode of stjernetegnsfilm.
A change that affects more than the container than the content, nude women, soft-core scenes out there, but here is changed the setting, time and historical issues.
Far from the usual rural village and in a contemporary age the movie dedicated to
Scorpio, as you can easily guess, is a version hot parody of James Bond

The protagonists of the story are always the same Ole Solftoft, Paul Bungaard, Bent Warburg and Karl Stegger, which are accompanied by many women among others we can see: the icy beauty of Gina Janssen the caste and newcomer Anna Bergman, daughter of the great director.Ma if Solftoft and Warburg in the other episodes had a central role here  they take a different weight in the history.
The first one as usual plays the role of hero, or he was the leading character
but here he plays a role of supporting actor comedy, almost an optional extra in the story, even though the agent of the Jensen of the title is he. The same thing that can be said about the "bad" Warburg.
What dominates here are women. Not one, but different, showing all is possible to show, they direct the affairs impressing the route of situations. Maybe is that in the cast there was Anna Bergman, maybe was right the change, but this new ideas are
successful, giving us a film that mocks the "spy story" using the slapstick comedy and high-speed narrative. Chase scenes, kidnappings, misunderstandings and classic clothes that tear easily.
The agent Jensen and two colleagues from the Danish secret service, living undercover as a clerk in a grocery store, until they have to make an important mission: put in the safe and of CIA (...) a microfilm containing photos of an important discovery made ​​by Prof.Neubau. The bad guys lead by Skorpio wants also the microfilm in in order to sell to the Arabs. Jensen will only act as a "committed fake" escorting the real CIA agent. The classic exchange of stock with endless subterfuges creates the chaos until they go to, know why, good and bad at the "Skorpio" villa.
Between scenes, tasty and fun one passes, by popular acclaim, in the "history of cinema "the one of pool game. What happens we will not say, this is a movie of secret agents, but the tip-off that we can give you is that in this series is expected of all.