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One more, one less it makes no difference. The "King of Pop" Michael Jackson has been parodied in a lot of ways. Some succeeded, some less and some really bizarre. Is the case of 1984’s "Driller", even an adult film that mocks the deceased Jacko.

"Driller" is an amazing trash. A mixture of many things and plagiarism that starts already with the name of the director: Joyce James, which also remains in the cinema less time than a dance step of Jackson. Then the film takes the luxury of copying the characters and situations to others movies as "Rocky Horror Show".
The movie starts with a part of a concert of "Mr. J."  a famous pop star. A concert that ended with a riot of audience in which there are Louise and Dan two nerdy boyfriends. Louise not at all happy  about the relationship with her boyfriend, lives in the same night a real nightmare, in which "Mr. J.", takes her to a castle inhabited by strange beings, that will reveal the secrets of sex. Plus other things that we could not identify. Everything is minimal makeup, costumes, acting and the song is almost plagiarism "Driller."
In casting the only "star" is the same as played by Louise Tajia Rae that in the eighties had some success as a porn actress.