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Human Highway

"Now there's a real human being!"

If you want to get into the restaurant’s business, make your calculations well. Because open a diner near a nuclear power plant, could be a good idea, considering that as a cook you might have Dennis Hopper as all-rounder Neil Young, and customers as the "Devo".
But be careful to calculate all the details right and to identify good your business, because it may happen that you get caught in the strangeness of the context. Just as it is in  "Human Highway."
From a title of a song by Neil Young, contained in the 1978’s album contained "Comes A Time" born this film directed by the Canadian singer-songwriter who directs, under the pseudonym Bernard Shakey, along with Dean Stockwell in particular friend of the singer and actor, well known in the prevalence of TV series.
Ecologist movie, anti-nuclear and especially bizarre, manages to make fun on the context, but some remains trapped in the "mental trip" by Young thats lead us in confusion.
The start is convincing with "Booji Boy" of the "Devo" that spoof "Blowin in the Wind" by Dylan, and that opens onto a long flashback, seems to promise the best, as well as the incursions of the "Devo" and the presence of  a very nerdy Neil Young.The story tells of a tiny diner with a lot of gas stations and mechanics, which embraces the workers of the nearby nuclear power plant, the "Devo" (credited as "Nuclear Garbageperson").
In this  place develop the lives and dreams of Otto (Dean Stockwell), cerberus owner, Lionel Switch(Neil Young)mechanic with dreams of becoming rock stars, the chef Cracker(Dennis Hopper) and other strange characters. Life goes on, then, with ups and downs, happy and sad moments between moments, always with the looming nuclear threat.
Among strong colors and scenes are inserted post-atomic numbers singing of "Devo" which centered in the middle the characterization, finding himself in a perfect role for their characteristics. The gags of young and Hopper streamline the story, and in the face of that we are very sorry that "Human Highway"has not developed further.
Movies Released in 1982 was distributed in a few selected cinemas and even staying out of the home video market until 1995.
Criticised unloved and has achieved some consensus with the domestic distribution and thanks to the classic "Time gentleman". Even modern critics have reassessed the work of defining it as a precursor to Burton's film or if you prefer a sort of "Wizard of Oz" on acid.
The cast has already been discussed in part, made ​​known by the famous Neil Young, Dennis Hopper between who injured on the set with a knife in the grip of alcohol and drugs his colleague Sally Kirkland and Devo the American new wave group who remained in the history of music and full activity in the eighties. Also present were Russ Tamblyn and Charlotte Stewart.