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Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls

We don't not remember the exact words, but there is some kind of parable that tells how easy it is to lose the soul and lose its life for a short-lived success. We don't want offended anyone, but we think is better the fast and violent parody of the show-biz, that Russ Meyer makes in this masterpiece. A masterpiece. And we repeat.

A film that displaces already visually with the usual frenetic shots of the bosomanic director and strong colors, very pop, which we will see later in his other movies. The story then is a slap suddenly given in the face quickly and strong that you understand why only things done.

The satire of the show-biz is more than apt, but "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" goes beyond with an irony on all types ego.

If we must speak of faults, it must be said honestly that our Meyer seems partly crushed by the mayor, which awarded him the film, "20th Century Fox," but even so the result is great, exciting.

As history wants, as We have said in our monograph on Meyer,after the success of "Vixen!" some Mayor put different eyes on the work of the director. The "20th Century Fox" for some arcane reason, offered to Meyer to make the sequel of "The Valley of the Dolls" by Mark Robson,a melodrama based on the novel by Jacqueline Susann,who tells about three girls from the provinces who went to Broadway and get success but they ruined theyself lives.

Meyer aid by the famous journalist Roger Ebert write the crazy plot in only six weeks without having read the book, but only saw the film.

From a melodrama, the project became an irreverent satire on the star system of the West Coast. Of course the writer Susann was mildly so to speak in front of the projection and wanted to form part in the opening credits, which specify that a warning was not the sequel to the film and had nothing to do with her "Valley of the Dolls."Finally asked for damages from the company.

We must say, Susann had a point but with all respect for her work we are delighted by the work of Ebert and Meyer and in front of the story that they tell.

The girls of rock band "The Kelly Affair" and their manager, the boyfriend of the singer, left for Los Angeles in search of the aunt's vocalist. Found the woman, very friendly and well placed in the lap of Los Angeles that matters, the group ends up in one of the famous party of Ronnie "Z-Man" Barzell powerful and fascinating manager of the star system. There, the group is noticed, appreciated and once changed his name ("The Carrie Nation") launched into the world of main stream rock music.

Incredible success but at high price. The lives of three girls, the manager, but also of those who live in the madness of the festivities of "Z-Man" will be distorted and destroyed up to a end truly splatter.

With a very catchy and rock soundtrack, the film impresses from start to finish, resulting in a huge commercial success. Critics received it very well, which is rare for a film of Meyer and the subsequent rise to a state of "cult" make "Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" an unmissable movie.

In the cast are often the Mayer loyalists among them Charles Napier,engaged in a small role, the feisty Erica Gavin,already seen in "Vixen!" here plays a lesbian fashion designer and a cameo by Haji.

Among the others noted Cynthia Myers, former model and Edy Williams, actress launched from this movie and later became the wife of Meyer. Rather fast onset Pam Grier,who would soon soar.

Not a brilliant careerfor John La Zar the dark and fascinating "Z-Man", who was able to declare that this role has ended his career. The character of "Z-Man" is inspired by the life of music producer Phil Spector, who is serving a life sentence for murder. After all Meyer had seen long.

"Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls" is quoted and re-quoted in a wide range of films. In addition to "Austin Powers" full of quotations, references are noted in the "Rocky Horror PictureShow,"in Meyer's other films and music videos as Pipettes of few years ago,and the title of a disc of Murdersdolls.