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Agent 69 Jensen i Skyttens Tegn

From small villages of the Danish past,  to the agreements with the CIA to conclude with an affair involving at least seven countries. A beautiful globalization. But the mess is too messed up an international complex for a series such as "stjernetegn",which certainly has never aimed to elaborate plots or stories unsettling.

The result is that the successful cycle of erotic comedy ends not with a bang but with a marked slowdown. They will attempt to create something more complex, will that the director is always Hedman to drive for five films, the actors will change and just maybe, it will have gone five years after onset of the series and the company has already changed .

A union of unfortunate circumstances that leads us into a story that it is hard to follow and that shows opacity in the two foundations of this cycle: the comedy and eroticism.

In this story about the "Sagittarius" the secret services of different countries (Albania, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and some other) are on the hunt for a proposed super-secret hidden in a powder compact. Hunted by the "communist" the spy who has recovered Danish plans is forced to hide them again upon the passengers of a plane flight to Copenhagen. To create confusion, the compacts are more than one and the fakes containing an explosive. From here begins the hunt for the right object, with the classic gags and very intimate search of a long series of unfortunate passengers.

Ole Soltoft Jensen is always the agent number 69, again a bit 'on the sidelines of the events that are guided by a very confused multiple characters among them Matti Hary interpreted as usual by Gina Janssen.

While it is not so convincing to "Skyttens Tegn" must be recognized a couple of very successful gags including the ingenuity of Arnold, the son of a known exponent of the Danish secret service (seen in "Skorpionens Tegn")and the creation with all the side effects of a weight loss clinic that uses sex as a method.

That said, the curtain falls on the international film series with the latter.