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Cleopatra Jones

Cleo has so much acclaim, that wonders why she isn’t the President of the United States of America. She goes around the city people thank her, commenting also her statuesque beauty.

Then, Cleopatra works for the forces of good, fighting like Bruce Lee and is well loved by the chief, white, of the police. Cleopatra Jones is a myth. Just as the film that tells her adventures. A masterpiece to the blaxploitation genre, source of many conflicts and opponent of another cult movie "Coffy".

"Cleopatra Jones" tells the story of a heroine who fights diligently and with great success a group of criminals led by "Mommy" a fat white woman, powerful and extremely bad that manages an intricate web of drug dealing and manufacturing drugs with ramifications, even in Turkey. She fights also a corrupt cop and a funny drug dealer Doodlebug Simkins, more comical than anything else. Between rounds of fighting in martial arts, slow and predictable in every move, chases and fierce cunning plans, our Cleo not escape the bad guys, who almost never had their moment of glory.

Quite enjoyable and entertaining film with a "black power" exploding, more than ever, and a director sometimes predictable but sometimes capable of making good scenes. The comic relief Doodlebug Simkins is a pure optional that adds nothing to the story. But on balance do not mind. A little blood and violence and nudity than other kind of movies.

Filmed in 1973, the film starring Tamara Dobson. Model, who also appeared on "Vogue" from the physical statue (it was almost 1.90 cm high) made ​​several films contending for the supremacy of the Queen of "Blaxploitaion" to Pam Grier. Her career was not long, however, and remains known for the character of Cleopatra Jones that we will also see in the sequel to the 1975 "Cleopatra Jones and the Casino Gold". Tamara Dobson died in 2006 from complications due to multiple sclerosis.

The role of the sympathetic gangster Doodlebug Simkins, accompanied by two henchmen, good shoulders, is played by Antonio Fargas.Also seen in other "Blaxploitation", as "Shaft" or "Foxy Brown", owes its fame to the character of Huggy Bear in the series "Starsky & Hutch".Doodlebug's character, although as we said pretty useless to the context, has more than succeeded. Conceited windbag, appears halfway through the film to convince everyone that his hair is more than beautiful. He drove a luxurious car turns in doing local presence in the soul by which, in our opinion, created a comic curtain exciting.

The most famous actress, however, in this film is undoubtedly Shelley Winter who plays the bad "Mommy." Character, hysterical, grim, not much strikes fear and seems more a caricature than anything else.

The Winter, however, for the few who do not remember, has had an extraordinary career with his "star" in Hollywood. It 'was nominated for an Oscar for "Best Actress" for "The Poseidon Adventure"and won in the same category with "A Patch Of Blue" and "The Diary Of Anne Frank." She also received a nomination for lead actress for “ A Place In The Sun”.

n  actress with a long and distinguished background that also includes Italian film "Un Borghese piccolo piccolo" by Monicelli and long presence in the pages of the Gossip. Sha had a daughter with Vittorio Gasmann. Do not hurt the career of Bernie Casey, actor and well known painter and successfully poet. If you know if we prefer "Coffy" or this film? The inevitable confrontation between the two films "competitors," ends with two films show us that although we have the same issue using two different languages. "Cleopatra Jones" is softer, more elegant. "Coffy" is more free-range, more screaming is more leverage nakedness. Two masterpieces, both valuable.