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All right, as usual. Parties, dinners and brothels. Sex phobia, obsessions and varied perversions. Let's just say that if the Nazis were those of "Nazisploitation" describes they were dangerous like a house of cards.

That the history is gone, unfortunately, in another way certainly we aren’t the persons to remember to you it, but the film versions of these "beings" have almost all the same elements. And so we are again faced with a "Nazisploitation" that in addition to the above always takes inspiration, another common denominator from "Salon Kitty" and "Night Porter".

Caiano the director, an excellent craftsman of italian 70’s cinema, however, does a small attempt to be different, trying to push more on a love story than others element, even though the logical consequence, surely business, is that everything ends in sex.

Actually, the love story may seem almost as a pretext, it is consumed at a distance, far away, to get into the last minutes of the film.

Apart from this minor digression narrative, Caiano put as always the various atrocities, exploitation and torture that often emerge in history.

So it’s another "Nazispolitation", one of many, that is loved by moder critics, but

we do not seem so different from others, or particularly interesting.

The film tells the story of Hannah(Sirpa Lane),a young and beautiful Jewish woman who is interned in the usual lagers and choice of perversion and sex as a prostitute for the officers. Among these was noticed by a bigwig (antisexual obvious!), Who falls in love with her ​​and makes her move to her house. The couple opened a brothel on behalf of the Regime-luxury, in which Hannah finds his old love as a customer, pre-war, now important Nazi officer. Closing dramatic and perhaps a bit 'absurd in which a joke is told, "Why Hitler held his hands on the bird in every meeting? To keep at bay the only unemployed person in the Third Reich. "

Among the protagonists is the beautiful Sirpa Lane which we have already spoken for "La Bestia Nello Spazio"and Marzia Ubaldi  television and theatre actress, as well as singer and wife of Gaston Moschin. Not to mention Gloria Piedimonte a star of the seventies.