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One of the best apology is: "There is at least to appreciate the imagination of the director ..." which is the film version of the description of a person is not particularly nice "Well ... at least it's nice".
"Lady Terminator" is exactly that. An incredible mixture of ideas printed on a film, directed and acted worse. But with a lot of imagination.
We start from Indonesia with the legend of "The Queen of the South Seas" or "Roro Kidul Nyai"  if you prefer, also quoted in the Indonesian original title translates to "Revenge of the Queen of the SouthSeas",to get to "Terminator". First chapter, to be precise.
From the film by Cameron his colleague H. Tjuta Djalil takes ideas and copy scenes, including that of "repair eye" on which we prefer not to express about the special effects.
The bizarre tale woven by Djalil that we will see followed with the "worthy" "Dangerous Seductress"is set in Indonesia and start in the past with the aforementioned reference to the legend of "Roro Kidul Nyai",which is subtracted powers during sex

Many centuries later, however, an european anthropologist in search of information on Queen is owned by the same, during a dive. Becomes a "sexy" war machine that occasionally turns topless and scoops that castrates men, without use of hands (???). But the goal of our Terminator is a girl who seems to have the powers of the Queen.

An action movie\horror sometimes boring but sometimes it seems so trashy looking. The commitment is there and is evident in several attempts to give credibility to the scenes. But the result is missing. Also in the consensuses that lack career Tjuta H. Djalil  active director until 1995 with a major in "off" and recognized author of "B Movie" made ​​in Asia. The rest of the cast that you like it or not, will not see him in other films.
If the "Terminator" is quite useless to talk, given its global success, but more interesting is to understand the history of  "Roro Kidul Nyai" the casus belli of 'whole story.
This is a legend that paints this being Indonesian in various forms and names. Often, a mermaid, a siren but also with the body to a snake. Its appearance is due to many things, from a severe skin disease that forced the princess to throw himself into the sea to heal, a spell of a rival and even the greedy king.
The fact is, almost universally, that she defends the island from violent waves but she doesn’t defend us from the vision of this incredible "B movie".