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Nude Nuns With Big Guns

That every religion has some skeletons in the closet is well known. But about a group of nuns, naked and who knows why, that refined cocaine, under the direction of a priest, and then sell it to the classic drug dealer is something that goes beyond imagination. And hopefully the reality.

Even without assuming any particular substance, but limiting ourselves to the vision of this film, we can say that it's off to a good "trip." A journey that touches several genres including the sexploitation, the nunsploitation and if you also want the rape-revenge.

Behind this 2010’s exploitation there is the "Freak Show Entarteinment" a company

active since 2006 with the production of a handful of interesting films made ​​by a handful of filmakers.

The director of this one is Joseph Guzman enough name unknown, but promising. The cast is full of players unknown, but who were heavily engaged in independent films or model works at least according to their curriculum. Among these are the curious case of Bill Oberst a fervent believer but an actor than in the cinema the is involved in roles diametrically opposed to his thinking.

He and others are found here. With naked nuns refining cocaine.

Not only that, the protagonist Sister Sarah, played by Spanish Asun Ortega,gets in big, very big troubles, removing a package from a delivery of cocaine. The anger of the dealer has no limits. The sisters who are present in the time when the goods are slaughtered and Sarah sentenced to a lifetime of toxic and prostitute in a filthy brothel. Then, while being treated by a battered old doctor she has a vision. She sees God who tells her to take revenge on those who have made evil.

From here start the revenge, armed to the teeth, Sarah heads Swat and slaughters everyone. Traffickers. Pimp. Corrupt clergy. Prostitutes. At her side another Sister who had a love story with her.

If you want to find a downside to this more than worthy exploitation is that Guzman did not spear or directing unsettling narrative solutions. He is merely putting into practice the teachings and follow the obvious Orthodox path of explotation.

As he launches into a textbook shooting fast and lively, at times, accompanied by rock music and sometimes psychedelic or "acid" to testify, one might say, how much they liked movies like "Natural Born Killer" or how much I appreciate the films of Tarantino and Rodriguez.

It comes, to confirm our thoughts, the most classic flashback "as Quentin." But then it's something that you can understand, given the importance of holding the two American directors for a certain type of cinema, however, learned from the great filmmakers of the past.

Naked and violence can not be missed, isn’t?, As well as characters dusty and sweaty.

But between saturated colors that blend with visions pale white and some black "Nude Nuns With Big Guns" is a pleasant exploitation with all the right ingredients.