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 C'è un fantasma nel mio letto

It would seem that after having explored the seas and mountains, put horns and made ​​the showers everywhere the "Italian sexy comedy" had no choice but to jump in a castle in Britain. It would be nice, except that the illusion of being abroad lived only few minutes, then the actors’ faces and  the Castle of Balsorano reveal the bluff of this movie.

A disappointment, some of which also weighs on the success of that film that burns a great cast, either because the genre had already embarked on Sunset Boulevard.

It is not entirely successful, but not even all be thrown away "There's A Ghost In My Bed" is an italian\spanish production’s and marks the last directed by Claudio Giorgi that direct one of "latest" shiny Lilli Carati and the usual legendary Renzo Montagnani.

The plot develops as a genre wants on the usual misunderstandings and the usual nudity of Lilli Carati. She plays Adelaide on a honeymoon with Camillo (Vincenzo Crocitti, good shoulder here) who accidentally end up in a castle haunted by a naughty ghost the notorious Archibald Trenton count of "Zum Zum" obviously interpreted by Renzo Montagnani.The ghost does everything with good results to get into the bed of Adelaide, while the poor Camillo is the sacrificial victim of jokes and revenges.

Sidekick in this story are the niece of the count , alive, the count's servant, ghost, too, the fat cook (Luciana Turina) in love with the Count and a pair consisting of an innkeeper and his wife that in fewprovocative scenes she lots her dresses.

Some gags are not too bad, other are already view in other movies

Some people pair this work with "Rocky Horror Show" defining it as the  trash remake of the popular musical. For us it seems frankly too, although there is the concept of "pair remote" and a scene with the classic "There Is A Light...".But O'Brien's masterpiece put on film by Sherman is quite another. Here we are in italics trash. And we're proud of it.