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Not Of This Earth

As the saying goes: "Blood is thicker than water".  A proverb Evidently familiar on the planet "Davanna". Saying apart we find ourselves once again in the magical and fun world of Roger Corman and his faithful friend Charles B.Griffith.

Which, we say for the umpteenth time, find the right way to create a fast film and partly by using a few more unsettling and imaginative means. In summary: this is just a nice "B Movie."

It also said that "Not Of This Earth"heels on the final deal with exaggerating the features craft. Some wires that can be easily see, and a absurd and tragicomic end.

What happens before the crush is a story that works, keeps well and has as its protagonist a strange man, Mr. Paul Johnson, who runs day and night with big sunglasses and has in his employ a handyman and a nurse overpaid.

Mr.Johnson in reality it is a being of the planet "Davanna" sent to Earth to obtain blood needed to save his race from extinction. A bit 'quirky to say the truth is the way in which he operates as well as his communications with the planet of origin that occur with a technology that is a little' what we see in "Mork & Mindy."

However, our Johnson doesn’t care about the oddities and works diligently to his plan. He stuns victims, showing their tremendous white eyes and then drawing the blood. He paid an earth doctor to find a cure for his illness and tries to send a copy to the his planet of living human being (he choose a Chinese religious mah .) which, however, crashed during the "journey". Not to mention that perhaps intentionally kills one of his fellow villager or maybe not drip as wrong at the worst hospitals.

Cute is not it? It is even more so when “Not Of This Earth” turns into a kind of flying octopus that attacks anyone who tries to block it. With great show of wires to make it fly.

The characters like any good sci-fi are stereotyped. Johnson is bad but it is also a model of elegance and dispenses pills philosophical mind-boggling. Played by Paul Birch, who left the movie before the end after a violent quarrel with Corman, who has replaced him with a stunt 'was permanent presence of "Sci-fi" to end up in various TV shows and as many films. He 'was also the first "Marlboro Man" of the story and here he complain if he has tbad blood!

Then there is the beautiful classic round, in this case a nurse who takes care of Johnson and discovers the mystery while not running away. Beverly Garland who plays Nadine Storey has been a famous television actress’ in the States. She starred in several TV series and radio in which he combined a career as a manager as the owner of "Beverly Garland's Hotel Inn" in North Hollywood.

The list is completed by the usual cops a little 'heroic fools at the beginning and at the end, a useless little good, a little side of 'comedy of the film and the aforementioned doctor.

"Not Of This Earth" was released in the 1957 as "double bill" as the second half with "Attack Of The Crab Monster" and has even generated two remakes. The first of 1988 with the sexy/porn star Traci Lords and the second in 1995 with Michael York.