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I Spit on Your Grave

Only saying the title some people startle. Legendary well-known and cursed. A place among the films that have most shoked the public deserves it. For some, one of the most violent films of the cinema, for others "only gross garbage without the slightest artistic sense" as he said, among other insults, the critic Roger Ebert.Final result: success, quite striking, powered by the same negative criticism and condemnation of society more or less unanimous that time. A film that has had an unofficial remake, a sequel to the remake of the 1993 and another 2010. In short, not bad for a movie, panned, hated and massacred.

The director Meir Zarki blurted a "rape-revenge" without morals, a logic that escapes even the feminist and hiding very little to the public.

Starting from concepts already seen in "Deliverante" and "L’ultimo treno della notte",there is a story that sometimes touches the raw paradox. Jennifer Hills is a new yorker’s writer who found inspiration rented an isolated cottage in the countryside near a river. His arrival in the country triggers the sexual desires of four local boys that harass, beat and raped her repeatedly. Tired of the game left to "fool" of the group the responsibility to kill her. Mission failed for lack of courage and subsequent "resurrection" of the woman who uses her sex appeal to score a bloody revenge.

If it were not for excessive free nudity, especially at the beginning that seems to justify the aggression, and paradoxical for revenge in which she seduces with her ​​tormentors one by one, this would be a good movie. No matter how strong it is. The minimal creation and the acting is just enough other things that make this film and partly bury it. Out with the original title of "The Day of the Woman" gets very little success, but two years later but again distributed with the title "I Spit On Your Grave" among other things, always opposed by the director himself.

As you can imagine was certainly not an easy for Zarki find a distributor and he for the first did everything. Things changed in 1980 when a distributor accepted the movie changing the title as his will. Banned in several states, however, the film won a prize at the "Catalonian International Film Festival. “I Spit On Your Grave” has in the main role Camille Keaton granddaughter of Buster and former wife of the director.

As reported by different sources, Zarki find the idea of making a movie like this after finding a raped and beaten girl in Central Park. He helped her and decided to take her to the police instead of the hospital. There, the police detained over despite the insistence of Zarki who wants to take her to the hospital.

Eventually the girl was treated and saved, and the family wrote a letter of thanks to the director among others refused a reward. Then he drew inspiration for the film.