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Adam Dünyayi Kurtaran

"They melted the mountain. They made ​​sword-and Accumulated in the mountain's power in it"

This is "The man who saves the world". And who knows if there is a vague reference to Bowie, who sold the world, or if this title is only the fruit of the creative mind of Çetin İnanç. But we are not here to talk about this. We are here to talk about a film so bad, but so bad as to become legendary. It save the world, but surely destroys the cinema.

Autarky Turkish strikes again and then when we have appreciated the versions "Superman" and "Rambo" now we have “Star Wars". According to many, in fact "Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam" would be a remake of the famous saga, but actually is a rather simplistic definition. İnanç goes beyond, far beyond with outrageous impudence takes not only the work of Lucas, but also from TV series like "Battlestar Galactica" or "Star Trek" and stories like "The Sword in the Stone." Not satisfied then, he steals music and clips from various films and beyond those just mentioned can be seen blatantly attendance, not to mention plagiarism, of "ET", "Wizard of Oz," "Flash Gordon",  "Planet Of The Apes "and especially " Indiana Jones", whom the famous theme music is the backbone of the film (and it is not the only one, there is also good Ennio Morricone).

What surprised us, however, is the religious morality that at some point emerge.

Among all the trash and nonsense, between the head and neck we get a little 'history of Islam and later on Catholicism. Incredible, considering everything around it, a huge amount of rudimentary things that make even the story difficult to follow

İnanç tries to tell the story of Ali and Murat two Turkish soldiers, although the earth, they say, no has more nations. While they attempt to fight the big enemy, crashing on a planet, same so "strange" to Cappadocia.

The villain's sole objective is rather to know the secret of the human brain to gain extraordinary powers. So our two hunted by evil forces are having to train and fight the villain and his, shall we say, "Starship Troopers".

The comedy that explodes is awesome. Training with foam rocks and even the remake of the famous bar scene of "Star Wars" even though there are these little credibility with their rubber masks and papier-mâché. These materials that we find in all the other characters, from the bad, the monsters with sword that you can to conclude is a simple object in paper, not a child asylum'd miss, but for the hero Murat is a powerful weapon that can do this triumph.

As usual, then there dedication, heroism, loyalty and good feelings that are identical to those in the most blatant and obviously American movies

"Dünyayi Kurtaran Adam" is an incredible experience in a world that never, not even the most crowds, could imagine. A "B Movie" which is now a legend and that of course is a must.

Among the players are Cüneyt Arkin (Murat) the absolute protagonist of the film. It 'a legend in his own country, famous actor and film producer, ironically this is famous abroad for this film "ultra-trashy".  We talk about Çetin İnanç yet, though he is, himself, the legendary "jet director" author of these legendary films.